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Fall 2010-2011
ELE 491 / EGR 491 / ORF 491   na, npdf

High-Tech Entrepreneurship

Ed Zschau


This "hands-on" practical course introduces students to the analysis and actions required to launch a successful high tech company. Using several conceptual frameworks and analytical techniques, it addresses the challenges of evaluating technologics for commercial feasibility, determining how best to launch a new venture, attracting the resources needed to start a company (e.g. people, corporate partners, and venture capital), preparing comprehensive business plans, structuring business relationships, and managing early stage companies toward "launch velocity" and sustainable growth.

Sample reading list:
William Sahlman, Some Thoughts on Business Plans
Michael J. Roberts, Legal Protection of Intellectual Property
Constance Bagley & Craig Dauchy, Venture Capital
Constance Bagley & Craig Dauchy, Going Public

Reading/Writing assignments:
Preparation for each class requires readings from articles and the reading and analysis of a written case situation. 75 pages per week. The course requires completion of a programmed learning course on accounting, a problem set, a 3000 word "mid-term" paper, and a major written term project.

Paper in Lieu of Mid Term - 20%
Other Exam - 5%
Term Paper(s) - 40%
Class/Precept Participation - 30%
Problem set(s) - 5%

Other Requirements:
Open to Seniors Only.

Prerequisites and Restrictions:
Enrollment is limited to seniors and is by written application only. Application forms are available in Room C-205 of the E-Quad and must be completed and returned to C-205 by Tuesday, April 20, 2010..

Other information:
The course includes lecture/discussion sessions, readings from articles, classroom discussions of "cases" describing real entrepreneurial situations, and a few visits to class by entrepreneurs to provide current "real world" guidance.

Schedule/Classroom assignment:

Class numberSectionTimeDaysRoomEnrollmentStatus
23734 L01 1:30 pm - 2:50 pm T Th   Friend Center   006   Enrolled:36 Limit:60