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Spring 2015-2016
* MUS 230 / MED 230 (LA)   Graded A-F, P/D/F, Audit

Music in the Middle Ages

Rob C. Wegman

Introduction to some important musical repertories from before 1400 A.D.: Gregorian chant; the troubadour culture; the intellectual culture of music theory and the earliest polyphonic music. Among the problems and issues: how to recover the medieval roots of oral traditions that are still practiced today; how ancient and medieval concepts of tuning, mode, notation, form, and language continued to shape the history of music long after the Middle Ages.

Sample reading list:
Richard H. Hoppin, Medieval Music
Richard H. Hoppin, Anthology of Medieval Music
See instructor for complete list

Reading/Writing assignments:
Twice-weekly reading and listening assignments.

Mid Term Exam - 30%
Final Exam - 30%
Class/Precept Participation - 20%
Other (See Instructor) - 20%

Schedule/Classroom assignment:

Class numberSectionTimeDaysRoomEnrollmentStatus
41250 L01 03:00:00 pm - 04:20:00 pm T Th   Woolworth Music Center   105   Enrolled:10 Limit:30