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Fall 2012-2013
* POL 240 / WWS 312 (SA)   Graded A-F, P/D/F, Audit

International Relations

David Blair Carter

This course is an introduction to the causes and nature of international conflict and cooperation. We critically examine various theories of international politics by drawing on examples from various historical eras as well as across security and economic affairs. Topics include the causes of war, the pursuit of economic prosperity, the sources of international order and its breakdown, and the rise of challenges to national sovereignty.

Sample reading list:
See instructor for complete list

Reading/Writing assignments:
100-150 pages of reading per week

Mid Term Exam - 20%
Final Exam - 30%
Papers - 30%
Class/Precept Participation - 20%

Schedule/Classroom assignment:

Class numberSectionTimeDaysRoomEnrollmentStatus
21671 L01 11:00:00 am - 11:50:00 am M W   McCosh Hall   28   Enrolled:58 Limit:
P01 02:30:00 pm - 03:20:00 pm W   Mudd Manuscript Library   1A   Enrolled:10 Limit:14
P02 01:30:00 pm - 02:20:00 pm W   Corwin Hall   023   Enrolled:13 Limit:14
P03 03:30:00 pm - 04:20:00 pm W   Corwin Hall   126   Enrolled:11 Limit:14
P04 12:30:00 pm - 01:20:00 pm Th   Wallace Hall   002   Enrolled:14 Limit:14
P05 01:30:00 pm - 02:20:00 pm Th   Wallace Hall   002   Enrolled:10 Limit:14