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Fall 2017-2018
SOC 541   P/D/F Only

Economic Sociology (Half-Term)

Alejandro Portes

An introduction to economic sociology seen not as a subordination of sociology to economics but as the sociological explanation of economic phenomena. It focuses on alternative accounts of phenomena that most specialists have explained using economic concepts and theory. In particular, it seeks sociological explanations of production, consumption, and distribution, and transfer of assets. After a general orientation to economic sociology as a whole, the course explores economic activities in an unconventionally wide range of settings including households, informal sectors, gift economies, and consumption.

Sample reading list:
Alejandro Portes, Economic Sociology. A Systematic Inquiry
MacKenzier, Muniesa, & Siu, Do Economists Make Markets?
Marion Forcade, Kieran Healy, Moral Views of Market Society, ARS 33 (2007)
Viviana Zelizer, "Circuits in Econ Life"Europea Econ Soc Newsl 1 11/2006 30-5
Daniel Miller, A Theory of Shopping
Peter Berman, Doormen
See instructor for complete list

Other (See Instructor) - 100%

Other Requirements:
Open to Graduate Students Only.

Prerequisites and Restrictions:
Non-Sociology graduate students wishing to receive a grade for this course must submit a completed Graduate Student Enrollment Change Form located at the following URL:

Other information:
This course meets from 11/7/17 to 12/12/17. This is a six-week course that meets during the second half of the semester. This seminar is taught as the first half of a full-semester course on Economic Sociology. The second half is taught by Viviana Zelizer during the first half of the Spring '18 semester.

Schedule/Classroom assignment:

Class numberSectionTimeDaysRoomEnrollmentStatus
21549 S01 02:00:00 pm - 05:00:00 pm T   Wallace Hall   190   Enrolled:4 Limit:20