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Spring 2012-2013
* LAS 404 / POR 408 (SA)   na, npdf

Latin American Studies Seminar - Everything is Under Control

Ronaldo Lemos da Silva

Examines the appropriation of technology by low income populations and its impact to culture, economy and the public sphere. It investigates copyright and its reform, piracy, internet regulation in the region, and analyzes media structure, cultural and digital policies. Also examines the role of technology (from social networks to cell phones) to cultural production, describing music scenes such as tecnobrega in Brazil or cumbia villera in Argentina. Will discuss the efforts to create an internet bill of rights (aka an anti-SOPA law), and expose students to examples of the digital culture being produced in the peripheries.

Sample reading list:
Karaganis, Joe, Media piracy in emerging economies
Lemos, Ronaldo, Lan-Houses: A New Wave of Digital Inclusion in Brazil
Lemos, Ronaldo, From Legal Commons to Social Commons
Neuwirth, Robert, Stealth of Nations: The Global Rise of the Informal Economy
Shaver, Lea, From Free Software to Free Culture
Varon, Joana, Mapping Digital Media: Journalism, Democracy and Values
See instructor for complete list

Reading/Writing assignments:
Approximately 50 pages of reading per week. Students will also be assigned films, documentaries, music, and videos on Youtube. Students will write a short term paper (7-10 pages), and deliver a short presentation related to it. Please note for "Other" in Requirements and Grading, 33% will require Online Forum Participation.

Paper in lieu of Final - 34%
Oral Presentation(s) - 33%
Other (See Instructor) - 33%

Prerequisites and Restrictions:
Classes and readings will be in English. Materials in Portuguese or Spanish might be suggested, but will not be mandatory. Students pursuing the POR certificate, papers must be written in Portuguese..

Other information:
Course objectives inlude: discussing policy debates regarding intellectual property and access to knowledge; introduce students to neglected yet highly popular cultural scenes in Latin America; understand the internet regulation debates in the region and beyond; have a comprehensive understanding of the issue of piracy in emerging economies; understand the transformations of the public sphere, and the copyright reform movements in Brazil and other countries.

Schedule/Classroom assignment:

Class numberSectionTimeDaysRoomEnrollmentStatus
40007 S01 01:30:00 pm - 04:20:00 pm W        Enrolled:0 Limit:0 Canceled