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Spring 2011-2012
ELE 428 / MAE 428 / CEE 428   Graded A-F, P/D/F, Audit

Cleaner Transport Fuels, Combustion Sensing and Emission Control

Yiguang Ju
Gerard Wysocki

Fossil fuel combustion is the largest contributor to anthropogenic pollutant emissions. Thus the energy security and the impact on climate change require cleaner transportation fuels. In this course a broad perspective ranging from the recent development of green fuels, through active combustion control and sensing using in-situ laser spectroscopic techniques, to global environmental impacts will be discussed. The course will cover both fundamentals such as physics of fuel combustion or light-matter interactions in combustion diagnostics as well as will review pollutant chemistry, transport, and the global standards of emission regulations.

Sample reading list:
Glassman, Irving, Combustion
Heywood, John B., Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals
Kohse-Hoinghaus, K.; Jeffries, Jay B., Applied Combustion Diagnostics
Demtroder, Wolfgang, Laser Spectroscopy - Basic Concepts and Instrumentation

Reading/Writing assignments:
Readings and handouts from different sources (10-20 pages/week). One oral presentation. Weekly problem sets.

Mid Term Exam - 30%
Take Home Final Exam - 35%
Oral Presentation(s) - 15%
Problem set(s) - 20%

Other Requirements:
Not Open to Freshmen.

Schedule/Classroom assignment:

Class numberSectionTimeDaysRoomEnrollmentStatus
43233 L01 01:30:00 pm - 02:50:00 pm M W   Friend Center   108   Enrolled:11 Limit:30