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Fall 2012-2013
* NES 346 / JDS 356 / HIS 331 (HA)   Graded A-F, P/D/F, Audit

History of Palestine/Israel: Nationalism, Politics, Culture

Liora R. Halperin

Offers an introduction to major ideological, political, and cultural trends in Palestine before and in connection with the emergence of the State of Israel in 1948. Taking both a local and global perspective, we will analyze the evolution of Zionism and other forms of Jewish politics, the formation and negotiation of Arab and Palestinian nationalisms, and the complexities of interethnic and interreligious encounters in several spheres. We consider a range of historical interpretations and think about the multiple paths that scholars have taken in interpreting the history of Israel, Palestine, Zionism, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Sample reading list:
Marc Tessler, A History of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Israeli Gershoni and James Jankowski (eds), Rethinking Nationalism in the Arab Middle East
See instructor for complete list

Reading/Writing assignments:
Readings: Approx 150pp/week. In addition to more straightforward textbook style-accounts, we will look at historiographic sources that represent a range of political positions and historical interpretations. Most readings will be article or chapter length and posted on blackboard. Writing: Take home midterm and final involving short responses and mid-length expository essays. Source analysis assignment involving analysis of visual sources.

Take Home Mid term Exam - 20%
Take Home Final Exam - 25%
Papers - 10%
Oral Presentation(s) - 20%
Class/Precept Participation - 15%
Other (See Instructor) - 10%

Schedule/Classroom assignment:

Class numberSectionTimeDaysRoomEnrollmentStatus
23008 L01 03:00:00 pm - 04:20:00 pm T Th   Robertson Hall   015   Enrolled:20 Limit:25