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Spring 2014-2015
* ART 349 / HUM 349 / VIS 345 (LA)   Graded A-F, P/D/F, Audit

The Artist at Work

Irene V. Small

What are the environments, fictions, fantasies, and ideologies that condition the artist at work? This course takes as its investigative locus the artist's studio, a space of experimentation and inspiration, but also of boredom, sociability, exhaustion, and critique. Structured around visits to the studios of multiple practicing artists in New York City, the course tracks the trope of "the studio" from the Renaissance to the present, with emphasis on the concept's reconfiguration and reanimation in contemporary art. Lecture with discussion and field trips.

Sample reading list:
Jacob, Mary Jane and Michelle Grabner, The Studio Reader: The Space of Artists
de Balzac, Honoré, The Unknown Masterpiece
Bourriaud, Nicholas, Relational Aesthetics
Buren, Daniel, The Function of the Studio
Warhol, Andy, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol
Scanlan, Joe, Post-Post Studio

Reading/Writing assignments:
Two short (3-4 pgs) papers; one final paper (7-8 pgs); weekly reading responses/questions; class and studio visit participation.

Paper in lieu of Final - 25%
Papers - 35%
Class/Precept Participation - 20%
Other (See Instructor) - 20%

Other Requirements:
United States Travel Required

Other information:
Course entails 5 studio visits to New York City. These will usually be scheduled for Fridays; all trips required. For department majors, satisfies Group 3 distribution requirement.

Schedule/Classroom assignment:

Class numberSectionTimeDaysRoomEnrollmentStatus
42901 C01 07:30:00 pm - 08:50:00 pm M W   McCormick Hall   103   Enrolled:13 Limit:15