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Spring 2018-2019
MAT 588 / APC 588   */AUD

Topics in Numerical Analysis: Optimization On Smooth Manifolds

Nicolas Boumal

This course covers current topics in numerical analysis. Specific topic information is provided when the course is offered. For the first topic we study theory and algorithms for optimization on smooth manifolds. The course mixes mathematical analysis and coding, aiming for methods that are actually practical and that we truly understand. No prior background in Riemannian geometry or optimization is assumed. Students should be comfortable with linear algebra and multivariable calculus.

Sample reading list:
See instructor for complete list

Other (See Instructor) - 100%

Other Requirements:
Not Open to First Year Undergraduates.

Prerequisites and Restrictions:
Undergraduates must request permission of instructor..

Schedule/Classroom assignment:

Class numberSectionTimeDaysRoomEnrollmentStatus
42399 C01 11:00:00 am - 12:20:00 pm M W   Fine Hall   1201   Enrolled:10 Limit:20