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Spring 2018-2019
* ENG 395 / AMS 384 / GSS 301 (LA)   na, npdf

Literature, Food, and the American Racial Diet

Anne Cheng

Food, like books, is the site of our greatest consumption of and most vulnerable encounter with "otherness". This course explores how "taste" informs the ways in which we ingest or dispel racial otherness. Through novels and cinema in American and American multi-ethnic cultural production, we will study how the meeting of food and word inform categories such as race, nationhood, gender, ecology, and family, and class. Topics include: "Transcendental Primitivism," "Modernist Orientalism," "Chocolate Women on the Edge," "Parenting/Consuming," "Ecology and the Humanimal," and more.

Sample reading list:
Monique Truong, The Book of Salt
Chang-rae Lee, Such a Full Sea
Toni Morrison, The Bluest Eye
Richard Wright, Native Son
Ang Lee, dir., The Wedding Banquet (film)
Wes Anderson, dir., The Fantastic Mr. Fox (film)
See instructor for complete list

Reading/Writing assignments:
Weekly reading and/or film viewing. Writing assignments include creative and intellectual "food writing." End-of-semester cook-off!

Paper in Lieu of Mid Term - 20%
Paper in lieu of Final - 25%
Papers - 10%
Oral Presentation(s) - 15%
Class/Precept Participation - 15%
Other (See Instructor) - 15%

Prerequisites and Restrictions:
A love of food and a love of reading required..

Other information:
Grading: Weekly Response Papers 10%; One In-Class presentation 15%; Precept Participation 15%; Midterm Paper 20%; Cook-off 15% (other); Final paper 25% ENG Major Distribution Area: Modernity

Reserved Seats:
Seniors Only 36

Schedule/Classroom assignment:

Class numberSectionTimeDaysRoomEnrollmentStatus
42400 L01 10:00:00 am - 10:50:00 am T Th        Enrolled:124 Limit:144
42401 P01 12:30:00 pm - 01:20:00 pm M        Enrolled:12 Limit:12 Closed
42402 P02 01:30:00 pm - 02:20:00 pm M        Enrolled:12 Limit:12 Closed
42403 P03 03:30:00 pm - 04:20:00 pm M        Enrolled:12 Limit:12 Closed
42404 P04 09:00:00 am - 09:50:00 am T        Enrolled:11 Limit:12
42405 P05 11:00:00 am - 11:50:00 am T        Enrolled:12 Limit:12 Closed
42406 P05A 11:00:00 am - 11:50:00 am T        Enrolled:12 Limit:12 Closed
42407 P06 12:30:00 pm - 01:20:00 pm T        Enrolled:12 Limit:12 Closed
42728 P06A 12:30:00 pm - 01:20:00 pm T        Enrolled:2 Limit:12
42408 P07 09:00:00 am - 09:50:00 am W        Enrolled:10 Limit:12
42409 P09 11:00:00 am - 11:50:00 am Th        Enrolled:11 Limit:12
42410 P09A 11:00:00 am - 11:50:00 am Th        Enrolled:6 Limit:12
42411 P10 12:30:00 pm - 01:20:00 pm Th        Enrolled:12 Limit:12 Closed