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Courses in Race, Ethnicity, and Cross-Cultural Encounter

Cultural and ethnic diversity is one of the major defining characteristics of intellectual as well as community life at Princeton. Just as achieving and maintaining diversity in the faculty, staff, and student population on campus is a top priority, so diversity in the curriculum is of vital importance to the University’s intellectual mission. As the faculty-student Committee on Diversity and Liberal Education affirmed in May 1994: “Understanding diversity is central, not peripheral, to our academic objectives” as an institution of higher learning seeking “to promote scholarly inquiry, facilitate broad intellectual conversation, and provide training for national and global citizenship.” These aims, the committee went on to say, require that faculty and students engage in rigorous “critical analysis of cultural, ethnic, racial,” and other related differences.

A wide range of courses in the Princeton curriculum offer students the opportunity to analyze cultural diversity and cross-cultural encounter. The following is a list of courses in many different fields that deal specifically with cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity and with cross-cultural encounter. By intention, it is illustrative rather than exhaustive. The majority of the courses listed focus directly on racial and ethnic identity and diversity in the United States; a smaller number deal more broadly with cross-cultural encounter within and beyond the Americas.

Fall 2019-2020

Subject/Catalog Number Course Title
AAS 201 African American Studies and the Philosophy of Race
AAS 380
AMS 382
Public Policy in the U.S. Racial State
AMS 101 America Then and Now
AMS 310
ENG 434
ASA 310
Multiethnic American Short Stories: Tales We Tell Ourselves
ANT 219
ENV 219
Catastrophes across Cultures: The Anthropology of Disaster
ANT 246
AMS 246
Native American and Indigenous Studies: An Introduction
ART 218
EAS 238
Ten Essential Topics in Chinese Art and Culture
ART 373
AAS 373
What is Black Art: Art History and the Black Diaspora
ART 474
AAS 474
AFS 474
Art and Politics in Postcolonial Africa
ASA 225
ENG 225
GSS 224
'Too Cute!': Race, Style, and Asiamania
CLA 217
HIS 217
HLS 217
The Greek World in the Hellenistic Age
DAN 215
ANT 355
Introduction to Dance Across Cultures
EAS 225
ANT 323
Japanese Society and Culture
EAS 317
HIS 335
The Warrior Culture of Japan
ENG 356
AMS 364
Topics in American Literature: American Fiction and Film: Catholics and Jews
ENG 444
ASA 444
AMS 443
Global Novel
FRE 215 France Today: Culture, Politics, and Society
GER 404
GSS 413
Writing the I: Gender, Narration, and the German Literary Tradition
GSS 201 Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies
GSS 337
MTD 302
THR 347
AMS 336
Gender Crossings in American Musical Theater
HIS 267
NES 267
The Modern Middle East
HIS 270
AMS 370
ASA 370
Asian American History
HIS 388
URB 388
AMS 380
Unrest and Renewal in Urban America
HIS 483
AAS 483
Race in the American Empire
HUM 247
NES 247
Near Eastern Humanities I: From Antiquity to Islam
JRN 260
GSS 260
The Media in America: Black Women and the 2020 Election
JRN 449 International News: Migration Reporting
LAS 394
SPA 394
ENV 393
New Approaches to Indigenous and Ecological Issues
LAS 324
URB 324
The Urban Revolution in Latin America
LIN 205
TRA 205
Beginning American Sign Language
LIN 260
AFS 262
Languages of Africa
NES 316
HIS 299
AAS 324
JDS 316
Muslims, Jews and Christians in North Africa: Interactions, Conflicts and Memory
POL 319
AAS 316
AMS 391
History of African American Political Thought
POL 374 Russian and Post-Soviet Politics
POL 409
CHV 409
Slavery and Political Thought
POR 312
LAS 337
São Paulo: Cultural and Urban Connections
REL 228
EAS 228
Religion in Japanese Culture
REL 259
GSS 278
LAS 259
Spirits on Fire: Mysticism in The Spanish Empire
REL 420 Topics in Modern Jewish Thought: Political Theory
SAS 345
REL 345
Islam in South Asia through Literature and Film
SLA 345
ECS 354
RES 345
COM 345
East European Literature and Politics
SOC 207 Poverty in America
SOC 226 Gender and Society: U.S. and Global Perspectives
SPA 366
AMS 326
LAO 366
GSS 364
Witchcraft, Rituals and Colonialism
SPA 304
LAO 304
Spanish in the Community
SPA 342
LAS 342
Topics in Latin American Modernity: The Culture of the Cuban Revolution
THR 332
AMS 346
GSS 342
LAO 332
Movements for Diversity in American Theater
TRA 400
COM 409
HUM 400
Translation, Migration and Culture
WWS 331
SOC 312
AAS 317
Race and Public Policy - Douglas S. Massey
WWS 345
PSY 384
AAS 384
Prejudice: Its Causes, Consequences, and Cures