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Courses in Race, Ethnicity, and Cross-Cultural Encounter

Cultural and ethnic diversity is one of the major defining characteristics of intellectual as well as community life at Princeton. Just as achieving and maintaining diversity in the faculty, staff, and student population on campus is a top priority, so diversity in the curriculum is of vital importance to the University’s intellectual mission. As the faculty-student Committee on Diversity and Liberal Education affirmed in May 1994: “Understanding diversity is central, not peripheral, to our academic objectives” as an institution of higher learning seeking “to promote scholarly inquiry, facilitate broad intellectual conversation, and provide training for national and global citizenship.” These aims, the committee went on to say, require that faculty and students engage in rigorous “critical analysis of cultural, ethnic, racial,” and other related differences.

A wide range of courses in the Princeton curriculum offer students the opportunity to analyze cultural diversity and cross-cultural encounter. The following is a list of courses in many different fields that deal specifically with cultural, ethnic, and racial diversity and with cross-cultural encounter. By intention, it is illustrative rather than exhaustive. The majority of the courses listed focus directly on racial and ethnic identity and diversity in the United States; a smaller number deal more broadly with cross-cultural encounter within and beyond the Americas.

Spring 2019-2020

Subject/Catalog Number Course Title
AAS 337
GSS 388
Black Feminist Theory
AAS 359
ENG 366
African American Literature: Harlem Renaissance to Present
AAS 366
HIS 386
African American History to 1863
AAS 381 Evict, Foreclose, Gentrify: Race and Housing in the U.S.
AAS 404
GSS 419
POL 429
Intersectional Activisms and Movements for Social Justice
AFS 450 Critical African Studies
AMS 304
GHP 314
Access to Health: Right, Privilege, Responsibility
AMS 311 Education and Inequality
AMS 322
URB 322
ARC 326

The Architecture of Race
ANT 272
AFS 272
Intoxicating Cultures: Alcohol in Everyday Life
ANT 379
HUM 379
AMS 379
Making History: Museums, Monuments, and Cultural Heritage
ANT 461
AAS 364
GHP 461

Disability, Difference, and Race
ART 362
GSS 340
Fashion Photography, 1890 to the Present: Sex, Lies, and the Construction of Desire

ASA 224
ENG 224

GSS 226

Asian American Literature and Culture
ASA 360
AAS 360
Black and Asian in America
CLA 329
MED 329
GSS 331
Sex and Gender in the Ancient World
COM 241
AAS 241
AAS 241
The Golden Rhinoceros: Histories of the African Middle Ages
COM 434
AAS 434
AFS 435
Gender and Sexuality in African History
DAN 211
AAS 211
The American Experience and Dance Practices of the African Diaspora
DAN 215
ANT 355
GSS 215
Introduction to Dance Across Cultures
EAS 219 Japanese Literature to 1800: The Major Texts
EAS 314
COM 398
GSS 314
Dangerous Bodies: Cross-Dressing, Asia, Transgression
ENG 356
AMS 359
JDS 377

Topics in American Literature: American Jewish Writers: Citizens, Immigrants, and Iconoclasts

ENG 411
AAS 413
AMS 411
Major Author(s): August Wilson: African American Life in the 20th Century
FRE 208 Speak up! An Introduction to Topics in the Francophone World
GER 307 Topics in German Culture and Society: The Subject of German Language: Nationhood, Exile, Migration
GSS 208 Media, Sex, and the Racialized Body
GSS 345
AAS 355
AMS 373
Pleasure, Power and Profit: Race and Sexualities in a Global Era
HIS 306
LAO 306

LAS 326
Becoming Latino in the U.S.
HIS 315
AFS 316
Colonial and Postcolonial Africa
HIS 317
SAS 317
The Making of Modern India and Pakistan
HIS 359
JDS 359
Modern Jewish History: 1750-Present
HIS 384
GSS 384
Gender and Sexuality in Modern America
HIS 393
AAS 393
WWS 389
Race, Drugs, and Drug Policy in America
HIS 484
LAS 484
LAO 484
Borderlands, Border Lives
HUM 320
HIS 346
MED 322
Making Medieval Worlds: Methods and Materials
LAO 334
POL 334
Immigration Politics and Policymaking in the U.S.
LAS 218
URB 218
Social Justice: The Latin American City
LAS 328
JRN 328
LAO 326
Immigration Debates in the United States
LIN 308
TRA 303
MUS 214 Projects in Vocal Performance: Vocal Styles in African American Music
MUS 259 Projects in West African Mande Drumming
MUS 344 The Expanded Voice
NES 221
JDS 223
Jerusalem Contested: A City's History from Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Perspectives
NES 390
HIS 221
Medieval Cairo: A Survival Guide
POL 342
GSS 414
Sexuality, Gender, and Gender Identity in American Law and Politics
POL 344
AAS 344
Race and Politics in the United States
POL 360 Social Movements and Revolutions
POR 304
LAS 311
Topics in Brazilian Cultural and Social History: Sound and Sense
REL 226
EAS 226
The Religions of China
REL 292 Hip Hop, Reggae, and Religion
REL 327
GSS 298
Gender Trouble: Transing and Transpassing in Muslim Societies
SLA 220
RES 220
The Great Russian Novel and Beyond: Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, and Others
SLA 221
RES 221
Soviet Culture, Above and Below Ground
SOC 226 Gender and Society: U.S. and Global Perspectives
SPA 238 Culture, Politics, and 'Artivism' in Contemporary Spain
SPA 304
LAO 304
Spanish in the Community
SPA 372
LAS 374
LAO 372
Drag Kings: An Archeology of Spectacular Masculinities in Latinx America
THR 353
AMS 353
GSS 417
21st Century Latinx Drama
THR 407
MTD 407
50th Anniversary of Undergraduate Co-Education Project
WWS 301
ECO 352
International Trade
WWS 316
POL 399
China's Foreign Relations