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 AAS African American Studies
 AFS African Studies
 AMS American Studies
 ANT Anthropology
 AOS Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences
 APC Appl and Computational Math
 ARA Arabic
 ARC Architecture
 ART Art and Archaeology
 ASA Asian American Studies
 AST Astrophysical Sciences
 ATL Atelier
 BCS Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian
 CBE Chemical and Biological Engr
 CEE Civil and Environmental Engr
 CGS Cognitive Science
 CHI Chinese
 CHM Chemistry
 CHV Center for Human Values
 CLA Classics
 CLG Classical Greek
 COM Comparative Literature
 COS Computer Science
 CTL Center for Teaching & Learning
 CWR Creative Writing
 CZE Czech
 DAN Dance
 EAS East Asian Studies
 ECO Economics
 ECS European Cultural Studies
 EEB Ecology and Evol Biology
 EGR Engineering
 ELE Electrical Engineering
 ENE Energy Studies
 ENG English
 ENT Entrepreneurship
 ENV Environmental Studies
 EPS Contemporary European Politics
 FIN Finance
 FRE French
 FRS Freshman Seminars
 GEO Geosciences
 GER German
 GHP Global Health & Health Policy
 GLS Global Seminar
 GSS Gender and Sexuality Studies
 HEB Hebrew
 HIN Hindi
 HIS History
 HLS Hellenic Studies
 HOS History of Science
 HPD History/Practice of Diplomacy
 HUM Humanistic Studies
 ISC Integrated Science Curriculum
 ITA Italian
 JDS Judaic Studies
 JPN Japanese
 JRN Journalism
 KOR Korean
 LAO Latino Studies
 LAS Latin American Studies
 LAT Latin
 LCA Lewis Center for the Arts
 LIN Linguistics
 MAE Mech and Aerospace Engr
 MAT Mathematics
 MED Medieval Studies
 MOD Media and Modernity
 MOG Modern Greek
 MOL Molecular Biology
 MSE Materials Science and Engr
 MTD Music Theater
 MUS Music
 NES Near Eastern Studies
 NEU Neuroscience
 ORF Oper Res and Financial Engr
 PAW Ancient World
 PER Persian
 PHI Philosophy
 PHY Physics
 PLS Polish
 POL Politics
 POP Population Studies
 POR Portuguese
 PSY Psychology
 QCB Quantitative Computational Bio
 REL Religion
 RES Russian, East Europ, Eurasian
 RUS Russian
 SAN Sanskrit
 SAS South Asian Studies
 SLA Slavic Languages and Lit
 SML Statistics & Machine Learning
 SOC Sociology
 SPA Spanish
 STC Science and Technology Council
 SWA Swahili
 THR Theater
 TPP Teacher Preparation
 TRA Translation, Intercultural Com
 TUR Turkish
 TWI Twi
 URB Urban Studies
 URD Urdu
 VIS Visual Arts
 WRI Princeton Writing Program
 WWS Woodrow Wilson School