For your convenience, this page lists all of the Undergraduate courses being offered for the first time in this term. Please take some time to look through them.

2022-2023 Spring

Subject & Catalog Numbers Title
AAS 200
Methods of Worldbuilding
AAS 220
GSS 229
Body Politics: Black Queer Visibility and Representation
AAS 314
COM 398
REL 303
AFS 321
Healing & Justice: The Virgin Mary in African Literature & Art
AAS 326
ENG 286
Topics in African American Culture & Life: Black Speculative Fiction and The Black Radical Imagination
AAS 332
GSS 333
A History of Intellectual Appropriation of Blackness
AAS 336
GSS 408
Racial Histories of Gender and Sexuality
AAS 414
'Unsettling Coloniality': Key Concepts in Black Studies
AMS 304
LAS 312
ENV 324
Environmental Racism
AMS 404
CWR 404
ENG 454
Advanced Seminar in American Studies: 'America': Writing the Public, Writing the Self
AMS 415
ENV 415
HUM 415
ENG 435
Land and Story in Native America
AMS 442
HIS 470
JDS 442
History and Memory on the Lower East Side
ANT 214
ENV 214
Anthropology and Environment
ANT 217
GSS 230
Anthropology of Religion: Fetishism and Decolonization
ANT 238
Human, Machine, and In-Between: The Anthropology of AI
ANT 245
ENV 245
AMS 245
Nuclear Princeton: An Indigenous Approach to Science, Technology and the Environment
ANT 308
Empires of Debt
ANT 316
ASA 315
Asian American Perils: Virus, Vermin, Machine
ANT 344
GSS 419
ANT 352
LIN 352
How We Talk: Linguistic Anthropology Methods and Theories
ANT 357
HUM 354
TRA 356
Language, Expressivity, and Power
ANT 436
HUM 436
Theory from the Margins: Post- and Decolonial Theory In And Out of Anthropology
ARA 315
Moroccan Daarijah Dialect
ARC 322
History of Comparative Architecture: What Color is the Modern?
ARC 382
URB 382
HUM 366
Unlikely Architects in Plantation Landscapes
ARC 412
Implications and Complications of Embodied Energy Analysis
ART 343
Topics in 19th-Century Art: Artists and Their Subjects
ART 388
GSS 300
Fascist Aesthetics: Women & Photography between the World Wars
ART 414
CLA 414
HLS 414
Hellenistic Art: Visual Cultures of the Greater Greek World, East and West, 330-30 BCE
ART 447
HLS 445
ARC 440
Siegecraft: Architecture, Warfare, and Media
ASA 238
PSY 205
Asian-American Psyches: Model Minority, Microaggressions and Mental Health
ASA 320
GSS 377
AMS 220
SAS 318
Asian American Gender and Sexuality
ASA 332
GSS 427
AAS 371
Asian Americans and Identity Politics
ASA 389
ENG 289
HUM 380
New York Stories: Asian Pacific American Art, Activism, Literature and Film
ASL 107
Advanced American Sign Language
ATL 495
Princeton Atelier: Experiments in Opera
ATL 497
AAS 497
DAN 497
Princeton Atelier: Tap Dance Experiments in Video and Sound/Rhythm: SOIL, SAND, BONE
ATL 498
AAS 498
GSS 498
Princeton Atelier: How to Find a Missing Black Woman
ATL 499
AAS 499
ENG 499
Princeton Atelier: Sites of Memory: Gender, Performance, and the Law
CEE 401
ENV 401
Zero Carbon, Resilient, Equitable Cities: Infrastructure Innovations and Systems Analysis
CHV 305
PHI 405
Racial Justice in Healthcare
CHV 357
POL 451
Legality and the Rule of Law in the State of Emergency
CHV 395
PHI 399
REL 396
Ethics of Eating
CLA 228
Identity and Globalization in the Ancient Mediterranean
CLA 334
COM 334
HLS 367
Modern Transformations of Classical Themes: Intermediality
COM 325
JDS 326
NES 321
Modern Hebrew and Israeli Literature: Identity and Belonging
COM 362
HLS 370
MED 362
Rethinking Medieval Cultures
COM 385
MED 385
False Confessions: The Birth of the First Person
COM 401
Seminar. Types of Ideology and Literary Form: Ethics, the Novel, and Pornography
COM 437
Conflict and Culture
COM 451
COM 460
ECS 460
HLS 460
What Is (Modern) Greek Literature?
COM 464
HUM 464
MUS 457
ENG 464
Conversations: Jazz and Literature
COS 205
Nand to Tetris: Building a Modern Computer from First Principles
COS 471
Web3: Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies, and Decentralization
DAN 351
MTD 374
THR 374
Inventing Performance
DAN 393
THR 393
Dramaturgies of Care in Contemporary Performance
EAS 242
GSS 243
Korean Women: Postmodern to Premodern
EAS 279
HIS 276
The Qin Dynasty and the Beginnings of Empire in China
ECE 473
COS 473
Elements of Decentralized Finance
ECE 483
Signal Processing and Optimization in Smart Grids
ECO 320
Racial Inequality in the 20th Century US
ECS 362
MUS 362
SPA 362
COM 343
Opera: Culture and Politics
ECS 393
AAS 394
FRE 394
LAS 317
Reading the French Caribbean: The Postcolonial Literature of Martinique and Guadeloupe
EEB 428
The Biology of Superheroes: Exploring the Limits of Form and Function
EGR 383
ENT 383
Design Research and Humanistic Innovation
ENE 373
ECE 373
Electric Power: From Electronics to the Grid
ENG 246
HUM 246
CLA 241
CWR 246
Re-Writing the Classics
ENG 259
AMS 259
Film and Media Studies: Animation
ENG 275
American Television
ENG 358
LAS 385
AMS 396
AAS 343
Caribbean Literature and Culture: Island Imaginaries: Movement, Speculation and Precarity
ENG 387
ENG 388
Topics in Critical Theory: Space
ENG 402
MED 401
Forms of Literature: Prehistories of Colonialism
ENG 404
NES 404
AMS 402
Forms of Literature: Writing Revolution
ENG 409
THR 410
HUM 409
Topics in Drama: Performing Hamlet
ENV 238
AMS 238
Environmental Keywords
ENV 330
MAE 330
Ocean Waves
FRE 354
ECS 345
The Original Antifa: French Culture against Fascism, 1930-1945
FRE 401
Topics in French Literature and Culture: Landmarks of French and Francophone Political Thought
FRE 480
ECS 481
HIS 482
The Writer, the Prince and the Public: Political Writing in the Eighteenth-Century
FRS 104
The Drama Within: Embodying the Immune System on Stage and Screen
FRS 108
Race Across the Americas
FRS 110
Getting Even- The Plots and Principles of Revenge
FRS 114
Technology and the Environment
FRS 120
Divided We Stand: Economic Inequality and its Discontents
FRS 130
Contours of American Thought
FRS 132
Libraries: Palaces and Opioid Clinics
FRS 136
FRS 140
Cirque des Mathématiques
FRS 142
Merfolk Transformations
FRS 144
Empathy and Perspective-Taking: The Philosophy of Intersubjectivity
FRS 146
Women in Literature: Outlaw(ed) Women in Fiction and Prose
FRS 148
Global Tactics in Hybrid Media and Performance Making
FRS 152
Water-Energy-Food Nexus
FRS 160
Rethinking Truth and Objectivity in History
FRS 162
The Village, Real and Imagined
FRS 164
End Times: Apocalyptic Visions - Ancient and Modern
FRS 166
Bodies of Evidence: Reading the Body in Literature
FRS 168
What to Read and Believe in the Digital Age
FRS 170
Other Hells: Literary Approaches to the World of the Dead
FRS 172
Origins of Modern Communications and the Principles of Innovation
FRS 180
Civilization and its Narratives
FRS 182
Central Park: Landscape, History and Visual Culture
FRS 184
Virtues and the Meaning of Life in Different Cultures
GEO 320
Introductory Geophysics
GER 306
CLA 308
GSS 313
German Intellectual History: Figures of Female Resistance: Medea -- Antigone -- Electra
GER 307
Topics in German Culture and Society: German Myths - Past and Present
GER 408
ECS 404
HUM 408
DAN 325
Media and/as Performance
GSS 297
Gender, Sexuality and Migration
HIN 305
URD 305
COM 248
Topics in Hindi/Urdu: Poetry, Performance, and the Public Sphere
HIS 271
AMS 271
Native American History
HIS 390
History of Science, Technology, and Medicine: Ideas and Methods
HIS 402
AAS 402
HUM 405
Writing Slavery: Sources, Methods, Ethics
HIS 415
AAS 415
GSS 447
LAS 435
Healing in the Black Atlantic
HIS 424
The Historian as Cultural Broker: The Making and Remaking of History in the First Millennium
HIS 431
RES 431
Ukraine on Fire, 1900 to the present
HIS 445
EPS 445
POL 487
Winston Churchill, Anglo-America and the `Special Relationship' in the Twentieth Century
HIS 466
California History
HLS 103
MOG 103
Intensive Introductory Modern Greek
HUM 307
ENG 277
Literature as Data
HUM 339
REL 398
URB 339
Religion and the City
HUM 402
MED 403
HIS 457
Making the Viking Age
HUM 412
CLA 417
HIS 475
HLS 406
Digging for the Past: Archaeology from Ancient Greece to Modern America
HUM 423
COM 465
TRA 423
FRE 423
Poetry and War: Translating the Untranslatable
HUM 470
CLA 470
REL 470
Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities: Justice Then and Now
ITA 302
Topics in Medieval Italian Literature and Culture: Dante Pop: The Divine Comedy in Popular Culture
ITA 309
COM 386
ECS 318
HUM 327
Topics in Contemporary Italian Civilization: Weird Italy
JDS 324
HUM 377
HIS 329
JRN 324
Trauma and Oral History: Giving Voice to the Unspeakable
JRN 240
CWR 240
Creative Nonfiction: The Act of Immersion: Reporting Deeply on the Lives of Others
JRN 441
GSS 442
The McGraw Seminar in Writing: Telling Stories of Economic Inequality
JRN 445
Investigative Journalism: Data-driven Reporting
JRN 448
AAS 448
The Media and Social Issues: Writing about Racial Justice in the United States
JRN 449
LAS 439
International News: Covering Conflict, Human Rights and Displacement Beyond the Front Line
LAO 265
COM 255
LAS 265
AAS 266
Caribbean Diasporas
LAO 347
ENG 247
Latina/o Literature and Film
LAS 302
History, Memory and Transitional Justice in Latin America
LAS 307
POL 373
Poor Peoples' Politics in Latin America
LAS 308
THR 370
AMS 298
LAO 308
Mediated Lives: Caribbean and Latina Women Rewriting History and Theater
LAS 313
AAS 334
ANT 313
LAO 313
Race Across the Americas
LAS 422
POL 462
Democracy and Dictatorship
LIN 219
Writing Systems and Orthographic Processing
LIN 318
SLA 320
Structure of Lithuanian
LIN 406
Advanced Morphology
MAE 432
Deep Learning and Physical Systems
MPP 214
AAS 214
Projects in Vocal Performance: Exploring Art Songs from the African Diaspora
MTD 202
AAS 205
DAN 205
THR 202
Introduction to Choreopoem
MTD 404
MUS 404
Creative Musical Leadership
MUS 346
Songwriting and Musical Storytelling
MUS 436
Seminar in Jazz Analysis
NEU 250
Neuroscience Research Experience
PHI 209
The Demands of Rationality
PHI 401
German Idealism
PHI 403
HUM 407
JRN 403
Podcasting the Humanities
PHY 220
Physics of Energy
POL 319
AMS 219
AAS 386
Antidiscrimination Law
POL 332
Topics in American Statesmanship: The Art of Statesmanship and the Political Life
POL 357
SPI 314
GSS 399
SAS 357
Gender and Development
POL 422
GSS 422
Gender and American Politics
POL 441
Seminar in International Relations: Theories of International Order
POL 452
SPI 423
Experiments for Social Change
POL 471
CHV 471
ENV 471
Environmental Political Theory
POL 493
The Philosophy of Law in America
POL 494
Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Inquiry
POR 328
AAS 361
LAS 318
AFS 328
Race, Culture, and Society in the Portuguese-Speaking Atlantic: Brazil, Africa, and Portugal
PSY 315
CHV 322
Cognitive Science of Human Values
QCB 311
COS 311
REL 320
Sympathy for the Devil: Satan in American Religious Thought from Contact to Q
REL 356
HIS 348
Black Religions in Slavery and Freedom
REL 395
SAS 395
Tantric Religion in South Asia
REL 397
AMS 297
How to Change the World: A Seminar on US Christianity and Social Movements
REL 403
JDS 403
Philology and History of Jewish Sources
REL 415
NES 415
Islamic Political Thought
SAS 365
COM 399
REL 389
South Asian Utopias
SLA 304
RES 304
Soviet Animation: Between Art and Propaganda
SLA 314
From Gutenberg to Zuckerberg: Censorship and Literature in Russia
SLA 322
RES 322
The Soviet City in Literature and Culture
SLA 324
RES 324
Contemporary Ukrainian Literature
SLA 326
RES 326
Dreamers and Bandits in Russian Cinema
SML 301
Data Intelligence: Modern Data Science Methods
SOC 224
Sociology of Rock
SOC 316
SOC 362
Sports, Recreation and Society
SOC 377
ENV 322
Sociology of Climate Change
SOC 378
Meritocracy: Myth and Reality
SPA 301
COM 368
MED 301
Topics in Medieval and Early Modern Spanish Culture: Contested Identities: Masculine & Feminine in Medieval & Early Modern
SPA 359
LAS 329
The Cultural Production of Amazonia
SPA 374
LAS 325
Documenting the Real: Truth, Representation, & the Latin American Archive
SPA 425
Almodóvar: A Critical Take
SPI 365
SPI 368
The Ethical Policy Maker
SPI 485
ARC 485
Climate Change, Floodplains, and Adaptation Design
SPI 491
U.S. Policy and the Israel-Palestine Conflict
SPI 495
Secrecy, Accountability & the National Security State
SPI 499
Making an Exoneree
THR 203
AAS 204
DAN 203
GSS 378
Black Performance Theory
THR 226
Page to Stage
THR 329
Devising for the Stage
URB 356
AMS 256
LAS 395
Landscape, Ecology, and Place
URB 360
RES 359
Trees, Toxics & Transitions: Urban Ecological Design and the Second World
URB 390
ARC 390
HUM 362
AFS 390
African Urban History
VIS 207
AAS 206
GSS 216
Black + Queer in Leather: Black Leather/BDSM Material Culture