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New Courses

For your convenience, this page lists all of the Undergraduate courses being offered for the first time in this term. Please take some time to look through them.

2019-2020 Fall

Subject & Catalog Numbers Title
AAS 201
African American Studies and the Philosophy of Race
AAS 303
GSS 406
HUM 306
Topics in Global Race and Ethnicity: Scientific Racism: Then and Now
AMS 354
ART 355
ENV 373
Creative Ecologies: American Environmental Narrative and Art, 1980-2020
AMS 398
DAN 312
GSS 346
FAT: The F-Word and the Public Body
AMS 406
ENG 319
AMS Capstone Seminar: About Faces: Case Studies in the History of Reading Faces
ANT 227
URB 225
Urban Anthropology
ANT 231
ENT 231
Business Anthropology
ANT 246
AMS 246
Native American and Indigenous Studies: An Introduction
ANT 331
Sensory Anthropology
ARC 322
History of Comparative Architecture: The Expanded Field. Tensions, Analogies, and Exchanges
ART 218
EAS 238
Ten Essential Topics in Chinese Art and Culture
ART 321
The Age of Rembrandt: Dutch Art of the Golden Age
ART 341
ARC 341
Neo Architectures, from the Renaissance to Postmodernism
ART 421
ECS 421
EAS 421
Europe in the Making of Early Modern Chinese Art
ART 474
AAS 474
AFS 474
Art and Politics in Postcolonial Africa
ASA 225
ENG 225
GSS 224
'Too Cute!': Race, Style, and Asiamania
ATL 497
MTD 497
THR 497
Princeton Atelier: Sounding Body/Utopic Voice
ATL 499
Princeton Atelier: Spatial Sound: Story and Image
CHV 355
Wilson goes to Hollywood: State-Propaganda-Film
CLA 335
HLS 335
COM 390
ENG 235
Studies in the Classical Tradition: Odysseys
CLA 405
NES 405
CLA 416
MED 416
The Book in the Latin West
CLG 213
Tragic Drama: Sophocles' Philoctetes
COM 343
ENG 243
GER 343
Storytelling as Self Defense: Political Novellas
COM 369
HLS 369
HUM 369
ECS 369
Beyond Crisis Contemporary Greece in Context
COS 316
Principles of Computer System Design
COS 484
Natural Language Processing
CWR 209
ART 223
COM 240
GSS 277
Along the Edge: Leonora Carrington
CWR 318
Oral History: The Art of Listening and Translation
DAN 208
THR 208
Body and Language
EAS 317
HIS 335
The Warrior Culture of Japan
EAS 373
HUM 373
Modern China
ECS 343
POL 406
ARC 343
ART 352
Politics and Architecture in Twentieth-Century Europe
EGR 301
ENT 301
The History of Entrepreneurship
ENE 321
CEE 321
ENV 371
Resource Recovery for a Circular Economy
ENG 202
American Short Story from Irving to Wharton
ENG 284
THR 275
Sex, Politics, and Religion on the Comic Stage
ENG 326
The 17th Century: Tolerance and Its Critics
ENG 356
AMS 364
Topics in American Literature: American Fiction and Film: Catholics and Jews
ENG 433
Interpreting Brexit
ENG 444
ASA 444
AMS 443
Global Novel
ENG 445
GSS 445
ART 457
HUM 445
Between Desire and Disgust: Victorian Beauty in the Pre-Raphaelite and Aestheticist Traditions
ENG 446
The Novel Since 2000
ENV 375
ENG 275
JRN 375
Crossing the Climate Change Divide
FRE 332
Topics in the French Middle Ages and Renaissance: Montaigne's "Essais"
FRE 378
Literature and the News: Writing France in the Age of Print Capitalism
FRS 101
Afronaut Ascension: A Creative Exploration of Afrofuturism & the Avant Garde
FRS 103
Adventures, Afterlives, and Others in the Middle Ages
FRS 105
Architectress: Women and Architecture
FRS 111
Sacred Guests, Scared Hosts: The Risks and Rewards of Hospitality in Secular Times
FRS 121
Poetry in the Political & Sexual Revolution of 1960s & 70s America
FRS 127
Before Hamilton: Histories of the Early American Republic
FRS 129
How Does Experience Build a Brain?
FRS 131
Creating Audio-Visual Generative Art in the Digital Medium
FRS 133
Race in Latin America
FRS 141
The Mathematics of Secrecy, Search, and Society!
FRS 143
Ever Since Nefertiti: Ancient Egypt in (Post)Modern Eyes, Ears, Minds, and Bodies
FRS 145
Russia and Eastern Europe: From Communism to Hybrid Warfare
FRS 147
How People Change: Short Stories and Life's Transitions
FRS 153
Excluded, Interned, Occupied: Asians in American History
FRS 157
Speaking our Minds
FRS 161
Earth: Crops, Culture, and Climate (in Italy)
FRS 165
Thrive! Public Policy and Opportunity
FRS 167
Dante's Inferno
FRS 171
Life in a Nuclear-Armed World
FRS 175
Reimagining your World: Creativity Scholarship, Skills, and Practical Applications
FRS 177
Ancient Tyranny and Modern Totalitarianism
FRS 181
Technologies of the Self in East Asia
FRS 185
Revolutions and Music
FRS 187
Complex Cases: Law, Justice, and Equality in Modern America
FRS 189
Everyday Enchantment: Blurring the Boundary Between the Arts and Life
FRS 191
Consuming American: Food, Fiction, and Fact
FRS 193
Object Immigrants: Six Objects from China in American Collections
GER 300
Junior Seminar: Authorship, Argument, Archives
GER 303
Topics in Prose Fiction: Small Forms: Speed Writing, Condensing, and Mnemonics
GER 404
GSS 413
Writing the I: Gender, Narration, and the German Literary Tradition
GSS 205
Women and the Law
GSS 387
A Material History of Gender
HIN 305
URD 305
Topics in Hindi/Urdu: Postcolonial Literature
HIS 301
Modern Eastern Europe, 19th to 20th Centuries
HIS 395
History of Medicine and the Body
HIS 423
AAS 423
AFS 423
Africa: Revolutionary Movements and Liberation Struggles
HIS 437
HUM 437
Law After Rome
HIS 483
AAS 483
AMS 483
Race in the American Empire
HIS 488
GHP 488
AAS 488
GSS 488
Law, Social Difference, and the Sustenance of Health
HUM 247
NES 247
Near Eastern Humanities I: From Antiquity to Islam
HUM 315
CLA 315
REL 315
HLS 349
Incarceration in Antiquity
ITA 309
AFS 309
Topics in Contemporary Italian Civilization: Africa in Italian Imagination
JRN 260
GSS 260
The Media in America: Black Women and the 2020 Election
JRN 280
URB 280
The Literature of Fact: The Urban World
JRN 441
The McGraw Seminar in Writing: The Craft of Profile-Writing
JRN 450
Audio Journalism: The Art of Narrative Storytelling for Radio and Podcasts
LAS 224
ART 224
ANT 394
Archaeology of South America
LAS 317
POL 495
Institutions of Justice and Democracy in Latin America
LAS 322
GHP 322
Public Health in Latin America
LAS 324
URB 324
SOC 314
The Urban Revolution in Latin America
LAS 394
SPA 394
ENV 393
New Approaches to Indigenous and Ecological Issues
LAS 396
SPA 396
Political Violence and "Dirty Wars" in 20th Century Latin America
LAS 429
ENV 425
Science, Technology, and Society in Latin America
LAT 204
GSS 204
Readings in Latin Literature: Roman Women, Reality and Fantasy
LAT 305
Pliny the Elder and Encyclopedic History
LIN 207
TRA 209
Intermediate American Sign Language
MAT 419
Topics in Number Theory: The Arithmetic of Quadratic Forms
MOL 415
Modern Biophysics and Systems Biology
MSE 304
Nanomaterials and Nanoscale Engineering
MUS 214
Projects in Vocal Performance: The Ancient and Modern Consort
MUS 350
AFS 350
ANT 373
Studies in African Performance
MUS 434
ANT 282
Seminar in Ethnomusicology
NEU 385
Circuits for Survival: The Neuroscience of Innate Behaviors
NEU 428
PSY 428
Neurodevelopmental Disorders: Neural Basis, Clinic, and Interventions
POL 332
Topics in American Statesmanship: The Early American Republic: Judicial Career of John Marshall
POL 336
State Politics and American Federalism
POL 409
CHV 409
Slavery and Political Thought
POL 418
CHV 418
What are Human Rights?
POR 107
Intermediate Portuguese
POR 312
LAS 337
São Paulo: Cultural and Urban Connections
PSY 318
The Psychological and Neural Basis of High Level Visual Processing
PSY 360
COS 360
Computational Models of Cognition
PSY 380
The Cognitive Science of Scientific and Religious Beliefs
PSY 414
From Collective Memory to Collective Violence
REL 250
AAS 250
Religion and the African American Political Imagination
REL 259
GSS 278
LAS 259
Spirits on Fire: Mysticism in The Spanish Empire
REL 264
CHV 264
PHI 264
Religion and Reason
REL 306
Mystical Theologies in the Western Christian Traditions
REL 404
CLA 404
HUM 404
Ancient Egyptian Manuscripts: Writing, Materiality, Technology
REL 420
Topics in Modern Jewish Thought: Political Theory
SAS 303
GSS 412
Gender, Sexuality, and Feminisms in South Asia
SOC 226
Gender and Society: U.S. and Global Perspectives
SPA 233
LIN 233
LAS 233
Languages of the Americas
SPA 342
LAS 342
Topics in Latin American Modernity: The Culture of the Cuban Revolution
SPA 345
LAS 345
Topics in Latin American Literature and Ideology: The Fiction of Mario Vargas Llosa
SPA 382
HUM 384
ART 382
Museums, Archives, and Audiences in Modern Spain
THR 352
VIS 226
MUS 228
WWS 335
GHP 335
Economic Evaluation of Global Health Policy