For your convenience, this page lists all of the Undergraduate courses being offered for the first time in this term. Please take some time to look through them.

2021-2022 Spring

Subject & Catalog Numbers Title
AAS 303
HIS 300
LAS 363
Topics in Global Race and Ethnicity: Race, Revolution, and Counterrevolution
AAS 306
HIS 312
Topics in Race and Public Policy: History of Anti-Black Racism in Medicine
AMS 312
GSS 462
URB 316
ENV 314
Race, Gender, and the Urban Environment
AMS 351
GSS 443
AAS 352
Black and Indigenous Feminist Survival and Experimentation in the Americas
AMS 403
SOC 403
Advanced Seminar in American Studies: Elites in Democratic America
ANT 217
HUM 207
Anthropology of Religion: Identity, Morality, and Emotion
ANT 264
HUM 264
ANT 311
Food, Culture & Society
ANT 322
ENV 342
HUM 323
AMS 422
Pluriversal Arctic
ANT 364
ART 346
ENV 392
LAS 328
Insurgent Indigenous Art
ANT 408
ECS 409
The Anthropology of Things
ANT 440
GSS 456
Gender and the Household
ARA 404
Topics in Arabic Language and Culture: Texts from Arabic Prison Literature
ARC 322
History of Comparative Architecture: Rediscovered Modernisms: Shifting Receptions and Emerging Narratives
ART 106
VIS 106
ENT 106
Looking Lab: Experiments in Visual Thinking and Thinking about Visuals
ART 329
ARC 318
HIS 330
Architecture of Confinement, from the Hospice to the Era of Mass Incarceration
ART 340
NES 352
AFS 340
Egypt in the Pyramid Age
ART 403
NES 403
ARC 402
HLS 404
Sensory Spaces, Tactile Objects: The Senses in Art And Architecture
ART 483
AAS 483
HUM 483
Pathologies of Difference: Art, Medicine and Race in the British Empire
ART 484
The Meaning of Armor
ART 489
HUM 489
Art and Knowledge in the Nineteenth Century
ASA 336
GSS 353
Critical Intersections in South Asian American Studies
ASA 430
ENG 431
Imagining Asian Pacific America: Storytelling In Contemporary Literary, Media and Visual Arts
ASL 102
Beginner's American Sign Language II
AST 206
PHY 206
Black Holes
AST 251
Space Physics Laboratory II
ATL 495
THR 495
Princeton Atelier: The Old Man and The Pool: Crafting a Long-form Monologue
ATL 497
MTD 497
Princeton Atelier: Athens, Georgia
ATL 498
THR 498
Princeton Atelier: Fables of Our Time
ATL 499
VIS 499
Princeton Atelier: The Store as Art
CEE 392
HUM 392
ENV 393
ANT 396
Engineering Justice and the City: Technologies, Environments, and Power
CEE 474
Special Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering: Structural Engineering for Climate Change Adaptation
CHM 251
Chemistry Research Experience II
CHV 247
CLA 257
AAS 246
HLS 247
Rhetoric, A User's Guide (From Ancient Greece to the American Present)
CLA 260
HLS 260
COM 252
HUM 261
REL 245
Christianity and Classical Culture
CLA 318
HUM 318
NES 318
HLS 342
Kings and Tyrants: Greece and the Near East, ca. 1000-450 BCE
CLG 214
Greek Prose Authors: Demosthenes, Political Speeches
COM 322
ECS 372
ENG 282
ITA 324
Imagining the Mediterranean In Literature and Film: Itineraries Traditions Ordeals
COM 370
ECS 386
HUM 371
Topics in Comparative Literature: Writing Lives
COM 381
REL 385
ASA 381
EAS 382
Literature and Religion: Christianity in Korean and Korean-American Novels and Films
COS 240
Reasoning About Computation
COS 495
Special Topics in Computer Science: Web3: Blockchains, Cryptocurrencies, and Decentralization
CWR 221
Fiction Workshop: Literary Lineage, Tribute, and Homage
CWR 222
Spark! Sparking Creativity in Writing
CWR 224
Spoken Word Poetics
CWR 312
GSS 452
HUM 319
Vital Signs: Writing On and About the Body
CWR 319
For Man is a Centaur: Reading Primo Levi
DAN 302
AAS 316
#Dancing Black: Black American Dance from 1970 to Today
DAN 303
AAS 329
MTD 303
MUS 268
Rhythm Tap Dance Lab: Explorations in Black Embodied and Electronic Music
EAS 107
Intermediate Vietnamese II
EAS 241
COM 250
GSS 242
Fashion and East Asia
EAS 253
HIS 253
MED 253
The Law in Action in Premodern Japan: A Comparative Perspective
ECE 346
COS 348
MAE 346
Intelligent Robotic Systems
ECE 457
Experimental Methods in Quantum Computing
ECO 201
Mathematical Methods for Economists
ECS 389
CHV 389
HUM 389
ENV 389
Environmental Film Studies: Research Film Studio
EGR 371
ENT 371
Designing the Future of Work: Public Interest Technology Development
ENG 266
Poetry and the Arts
ENG 269
Sally Rooney and her Contemporaries
ENG 290
The Undead
ENG 295
The Art of Loving
ENG 317
MED 318
HUM 314
COM 396
Where are we? Maps, Travel, and Wonder
ENG 425
COM 462
Topics in London: Writing, Belonging, Voice
ENV 455
COM 454
ENG 255
Islands, Sea Level Rise and Environmental Humanities
FRE 310
COM 336
ECS 383
The Future of Reading
FRE 352
Topics in 17th- and 18th-Century French Literature: 'Women used to reign': Women on stage in pre-Revolution France
FRE 367
ECS 367
Topics in 19th- and 20th-Century French Literature and Culture: Francophone Postcolonial Cinema
FRS 108
1964: Tipping Point
FRS 110
Getting Even: the Plots and Principles of Revenge
FRS 112
Imprisoned Minds: Religion and Philosophy from Jail
FRS 120
Truth and Imagination: Writing Fiction, Writing History
FRS 128
FRS 130
Sick: Interrogating Illness Narratives
FRS 132
The Crisis of Liberal Democracy in Global Context
FRS 136
What Is Critique?
FRS 140
Courts, Law, and the Black Lives Matter Movement
FRS 144
Fixing Bugs in Democracy: U.S. Electoral Reform for the 21st Century
FRS 146
Central Dilemmas of Israeli Politics
FRS 148
Exploring the Uncanny through Short Fiction
FRS 150
The Way We Talk: Identity through Our Own Dialect
FRS 152
Nuclear Princeton: An Indigenous Approach to Science and the Environment
FRS 156
Freedom in the Age of Revolutions
FRS 158
All That Glitters: The Science of Diamond and Gemstones
FRS 160
China's Objects: Opulence and Innovation
GEO 369
MSE 369
ENV 388
Environmental Materials Chemistry: Researching in Field and Laboratory
GEO 376
ENV 375
CEE 379
MAE 376
The Physics of Glaciers
GER 302
Topics in Critical Theory: Culture Industry: Paradoxes of Democratic Mass Culture
GER 306
ECS 387
German Intellectual History: Denial, Disavowal, Conspiracy
GER 307
TRA 311
Topics in German Culture and Society: Lost in Translation: From the Tower of Babel to Machine Translation
GER 372
ART 342
ECS 384
Writing About Art (Rilke, Freud, Benjamin)
GSS 211
GHP 311
SOC 219
The Sociology of Human Reproduction
GSS 223
ENG 254
Power, Profit and Pleasure: Sex Workers and Sex Work
HIS 202
URB 203
AMS 202
AAS 203
The Sixties: Documentary, Youth and the City
HIS 262
Capitalism: Origins, Alternatives, Futures
HIS 294
ECS 388
GHP 394
Science and Medicine in the Early Modern World
HIS 341
SAS 341
Making Minorities: Modern South Asian Histories
HIS 398
The Einstein Era
HIS 409
GSS 455
Women and Law in U.S. History
HIS 462
HUM 462
MED 462
Difference and Deviance in the Early Middle Ages
HIS 492
The Therapeutic Persuasion: Psychotherapy and American Life
HUM 230
CGS 230
PSY 209
MUS 229
Music and Language
HUM 321
THR 362
AMS 331
AAS 324
Excavate/Illuminate: Creating Theater from the Raw Material of History
HUM 475
ENG 475
Data and Literary Study: A Research Lab
JDS 313
REL 306
Pagans, Jews, and Christians in the Ancient World
JRN 441
The McGraw Seminar in Writing: Covering Repressive Regimes
JRN 447
Politics and the Media: Power and the Press
JRN 449
International News: Perspectives, Prejudices and Pitfalls
LAO 305
POL 429
Latino/a/x Identity in Politics
LAS 234
ANT 333
Rethinking the Northern Triangle: Violence, Intervention, and Resistance in Central America
LAS 307
ANT 307
ARC 317
ART 388
Indigenous American Urbanism: Teotihuacan and its Legacy in Comparative Perspective
LAS 308
GEO 309
ENV 330
Earth Change and Latin American Natures
LAS 313
ANT 313
LAO 313
AMS 305
Race Across the Americas
LAS 318
HIS 319
AAS 343
Race and Nation in Modern Latin America
LAS 420
GSS 458
SPA 420
ANT 423
Coloniality of Power: A Gender Perspective
LIN 215
AMS 214
GHP 315
American Deaf Culture
MAE 416
EEB 416
Bioinspired Design
MAE 418
ARC 418
ENE 428
Virtual and Augmented Reality for Engineers, Scientists, and Architects
MOL 405
The Biology of Reproduction
MOL 445
Pathogens, Pandemics, and Technologies
MPP 214
MTD 214
Projects in Vocal Performance: Voicecraft
MPP 251
Jazz Fundamentals
MTD 417
MUS 267
THR 417
Musical Theater Writing II
MUS 245
Practices and Principles of Rhythm
NES 316
HIS 311
HLS 371
Global Trade before the Modern Period
NES 330
POL 460
Civil War and State Transformation in the Modern Middle East
NEU 499
PSY 499
The Computational Basis of Natural Intelligence in the Human Brain
ORF 474
Special Topics in Operations Research and Financial Engineering: Network Game Theory
PHI 351
CHV 351
Enviromental Ethics
POL 376
Dictators and Their Demise
POL 421
Seminar in American Politics: Social Class and Inequality in U.S. Politics
POL 434
Seminar in Comparative Politics: The Political Economy of China, Past and Present
POL 456
Social Divides and Political Conflict in the U.S. and Europe
POL 476
CHV 476
Global Political Thought
POL 490
ECO 489
Politics of Economic Under-Development
POL 491
CLA 491
HUM 490
The Politics of Higher Education: Competing Visions of the University
POR 261
ECS 390
AAS 264
Sounds and Stories: Voices in Portuguese
POR 407
LAS 427
ENV 408
Environmental Literature: Thinking Through Plants
PSY 332
Sex and Gender Diversity
PSY 341
The Psychology of Adversity
REL 303
CHV 305
God and Humanity in Catholic Thought
REL 307
Kierkegaard: Religion, Philosophy, and Existence
REL 393
CHV 393
AMS 391
Muslim America
SAN 304
TRA 310
Advanced Philosophical Sanskrit
SAS 355
ANT 395
ENV 381
URB 355
Coastal Justice: Ecologies, Societies, Infrastructures in South Asia
SLA 203
Russian Film: From Revolution to Today
SLA 210
Haunted Russia: Ghosts and Spirits in Russian Cultural Imagination
SLA 306
Media and Early Soviet Publics
SLA 330
COM 461
Existentialism: Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky, and Beyond
SOC 372
Elites and Power in the United States
SOC 373
Systemic Racism: Myths and Realities
SOC 374
The Sociology of Economic Life and Institutions
SOC 375
Identities: Race, Class, Gender, & Sexuality
SPA 215
A Spanish Writing Workshop
SPA 218
ECS 357
COM 253
Culture and Feminist Struggle in Latin America and Spain
SPA 322
COM 225
ECS 394
Race, Space, and Place in Medieval Iberia
SPA 341
Micro-violence in Contemporary Spanish Novel
SPA 350
LAS 349
Topics in Latin American Cultural Studies: Latin American Imaginaries of Extraction: Rubber, Bananas, and Other
SPA 408
LAS 418
MUS 338
Music and Migration in the Caribbean
SPI 299
Policy: Authority, Incentive, Persuasion
SPI 313
National Security and Civil Liberties
SPI 335
Health Policy in Low and Middle Income Countries
SPI 338
Reparations in Global Perspective
THR 223
AMS 346
ENG 253
GSS 444
Reimagining the American Theatrical Canon
THR 224
CWR 225
The Writers' Room
THR 230
Introduction to Masked Performance
THR 313
AAS 312
AMS 387
GSS 453
Storytellers - Building Community Through Art
THR 350
ENG 450
Playing Dead: Corpses in Theater and Cinema
THR 419
MTD 419
Directing for Theater and Music Theater
THR 420
ARC 420
VIS 420
Designing Narratives
VIS 208
Graphic Design: Link
VIS 228
The Trace of An Implied Presence
VIS 324
ENV 312
The Visible Wild
VIS 424
ART 479
Radical Composition
VIS 440
Other Lives of Time