For your convenience, this page lists all of the Undergraduate courses being offered for the first time in this term. Please take some time to look through them.

2023-2024 Fall

Subject & Catalog Numbers Title
AAS 230
AMS 230
Topics in African American Studies: Race and Inequality in American Democracy
AAS 306
POL 425
Topics in Race and Public Policy: Black Politics Since 1965
AAS 352
GSS 348
HIS 347
Race and Reproduction in U.S. History
AMS 351
AAS 338
American Education, Race and Equality
ANT 232
GSS 232
HUM 232
SAS 232
Love: Anthropological Explorations
ANT 263
HUM 263
ANT 321
GHP 321
Anthropology of Mental Health
ANT 437
AAS 437
Gaming Blackness: The Anthropology of Video Games and Race
ANT 443
LAS 433
ENV 443
AMS 444
Indigenous Worldings
ARA 403
Topics in Arabic Language and Culture: Readings in Modern Arabic Political Texts
ART 313
HLS 313
CLA 313
Death in Greece
ART 389
GSS 390
EAS 389
Women and Gender in Chinese Art
ART 412
CLA 412
HLS 407
Ancient Greek Pottery
ART 444
The Renaissance Art of the Unfinished
ART 455
VIS 455
ECS 456
Seminar in Modernist Art & Theory: What was Postmodernism? What is Modernism?
ART 490
GSS 490
VIS 490
The Feminist Critique, Fifty Years Later
ART 491
SPA 491
The Aesthetics of Hunger
ASL 205
American Sign Language Literature
ATL 495
THR 495
Princeton Atelier: Moving Images: Mime and Multimedia
ATL 496
CWR 496
VIS 493
Princeton Atelier: How To Write a Graphic Novel
ATL 497
THR 497
Princeton Atelier: HILDGARDE: Creating an Opera
CEE 474
ENV 474
Special Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering: Statistical Methods in Water and the Environment
CHI 451
Fifth Year Modern Chinese I: Language and Culture in Contemporary China
CLA 227
HUM 226
Ancient Sport and Spectacle
CLA 319
REL 301
HLS 308
Ancient Greek Religion
CLG 213
Tragic Drama: Hippolytus and Phaedra
COM 256
Migrant Shakespeares & The 21st-Century Border
COM 456
ENG 465
SPA 456
The Art and Practice of Impersonality
COS 350
Ethics of Computing
DAN 326
Introduction to Vortex: A Sacred Dance Practice
DAN 394
THR 394
A Devised Dance Theatre Multiverse
EAS 239
COM 254
GSS 239
Modern Chinese Poetry: Seeing Modern China through the Poetry Cloud
EEB 317
Ecology of Fields, Rivers, and Woodlands
EEB 330
Programming for Biology
EGR 361
ENT 361
URB 361
AAS 348
The Reclamation Studio: Humanistic Design applied to Systemic Bias
ENE 202
ARC 208
EGR 208
ENV 206
Designing Sustainable Systems: Beating the Heat of Climate Change with New Building Paradigms
ENG 359
COM 345
Bodies & Belonging in Milton's Epic Tradition
ENG 383
GSS 395
AMS 483
AAS 340
Topics in Women's Writing: Archival Silence & Aesthetic Innovation
ENG 384
GSS 394
Topics in Gender and Sexuality Studies: Gender, Sex, and Desire in Early Modernity
ENG 405
Topics in Poetry: Modern Irish Poetry
ENG 409
THR 410
HUM 409
Topics in Drama: Early Modern Theater: Purpose of Playing
ENG 415
JRN 415
COM 446
AFS 415
Topics in Literature and Ethics: Writing About Refugees
ENV 210A
Scientific Foundations of the Environmental Nexus
ENV 210B
Scientific Foundations of the Environmental Nexus
ENV 251
GSS 251
Coming to Our Senses: Climate Justice - Climate Change in Film, Photography and Popular Culture
ENV 448
ANT 448
AAS 447
AMS 485
Neoliberal Natures: Society, Justice and Environmental Futures
FRE 420
ECS 420
ENV 420
Modern French Ecological Writing and Thought
FRS 101
Get Your Kicks
FRS 105
Saving Seeds
FRS 107
The Piano
FRS 109
The Wildlife Trade
FRS 113
What Will Happen to Her Next?
FRS 115
Decomposing the Science of Composting: How To Turn Waste into Resource
FRS 119
Everyday Enchantment: Blurring the Boundary Between the Arts and Life
FRS 123
Poetry Makes History, History Makes Poetry: Reading and Writing Documentary Poems
FRS 124
The Worlds of Storytelling: Digital, Textual, Cinematic
FRS 125
Unbeaten Paths: Crosslinking Majors and the Arts, Revitalizing a Renaissance View
FRS 133
Unmaking Nation Making
FRS 135
Happiness & Being Human in Catholic Thought
FRS 145
Big Bang Cosmology From the Ground Up
FRS 151
Reenacting the Scientific Revolution: RPGs in the Ancient and Early Modern Worlds
FRS 153
The Arthurian Legend in Literature and Film
FRS 155
True Crime in American Culture
FRS 157
At the Mind's Limits: The Holocaust in History, Theory, and Literature
FRS 159
FRS 161
National Science Policy: A Crash Course in Making Change
FRS 165
Design and Craft: The Building and Ecology of the Ise Shrines
FRS 167
A Perfect Cup of Coffee
FRS 173
Respuesta Teatral: Social & Political Performance Inspirations from Latin America
FRS 177
Reading Film: Rome on the Big & Small Screen
FRS 181
Nature's Glow: Poetry, Art, and Ecology on the Interconnectedness of Everything
FRS 183
The Collapse of Civilization
FRS 185
Endings, Before and After
FRS 187
Mother Tongues
FRS 189
People and Pets
FRS 191
Environmental and Climate Justice
GEO 421
A Practical Guide to Atomistic Modeling: Applications to Earth and Environmental Science
GER 218
MED 218
GSS 235
Medieval Gender Politics: Wicked Queens, Holy Women, Warrior Saints
GER 303
DAN 308
ECS 305
Topics in Prose Fiction: Dance and Literature: On Writing Movement
GER 307
COM 307
ART 317
Topics in German Culture and Society: Taste
GER 314
HUM 310
Topics in the History and Theory of the Media: The Diary: Writing the Self
GER 324
Topics in Germanic Literatures: Romantic Prose: The Incredible Stories of Heinrich von Kleist
GEZ 101
Elementary Ge'ez I
HIS 225
HLS 224
The Mediterranean: From Rome to Fortress Europe
HIS 249
AFS 249
AAS 249
A Global History of Modern Ethiopia: Rastafari to Haile Selassie
HIS 298
Information Revolutions
HIS 385
Historical Consciousness: An Introduction
HLS 222
HIS 222
CLA 223
Hellenism: The First 3000 Years
HUM 315
CLA 315
GHP 325
CHV 325
Bio/Ethics: Ancient and Modern
HUM 353
REL 304
AMS 314
Indigenous Peoples and Christianity
ITA 224
Italian Civilization through the Centuries: Identity Crisis from Dante to the Present
JRN 280
The Literature of Fact: Writing about History
JRN 447
Politics and the Media: Foreign Policy, Public Opinion and the Press
JRN 460
War Reporting: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
LAO 340
LAS 339
ENG 354
Latinx Narratives: Literature, Music, and Culture
LAO 356
GSS 425
Body, Culture, Power
LAS 229
AAS 229
GSS 231
Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Latin America
LAS 363
LAO 363
AMS 356
Law and Natural Resources in the Spanish Borderlands of North America
LAS 369
COM 360
TRA 369
SPA 369
Translation and Rewriting in Latin(x) American Literature
LAS 382
POL 384
The State, Conflict, and Political Order in Latin America
LAS 394
Social Policy and Social Change in 21st Century Latin America
LAT 402
Francesco Petrarca and Classical Legacy
MAT 210
One Variable Calculus with Proofs
MOL 280
Molecular Biology Research Experience I (Non-credit)
MPP 214
Projects in Vocal Performance: Vocal Music of Les Six
MUS 249
Introduction to Music for Film and the Moving Image
MUS 338
MED 338
Music in the Global Middle Ages
MUS 341
Atonality and Noise
MUS 343
Thinking Through Musical Sound
MUS 344
DAN 380
THR 380
VIS 380
The Ceremony is You
MUS 347
MTD 396
THR 396
Multidisciplinary Musical Storytelling - Tularosa: An American Dreamtime
NES 301
GSS 339
GHP 310
The Healing Humanities: Decolonizing Trauma Studies from the Global South
NEU 400
MOL 400
Viruses and the Brain
NEU 420
Motor Systems
ORF 498
Senior Independent Research Foundations
PHI 356
Longtermism, Existential Risk, and the Future of Humanity
POL 300
Conducting Independent Research in Political Science
POL 331
HUM 305
Abraham Lincoln Politics: Concepts, Conflict, and Context
POL 430
SPI 424
Seminar in Comparative Politics: Military, State, and Society
PSY 230
Psychology Research Experience I (Non-Credit)
REL 308
HUM 308
Christianity and the Holocaust
SLA 213
Putin's Russia Before and After the War in Ukraine
SLA 305
Russian Humor
SOC 249
Food Studies: Sociological Perspectives
SOC 410
Classical Sociological Theory
SPA 375
Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in Cervantes
SPI 332
SOC 381
Poverty and Inequality: A Comparative Approach
SPI 377
Multilateralism and Foreign Policy in a Changing World: The Case of Outer Space Policy
SPI 385
URB 380
The Urban Question as Tension
SPI 390
URB 391
AAS 396
Race, Ethnicity, Space & Place: Exclusion, Confinement & Transformation (RESPECT)
THR 347
ENG 274
MTD 347
The Oral Interpretation of Toni and William
UKR 101
Beginner's Ukrainian I
VIS 234
AAS 234
Imagining Black Europe
VIS 301
Facing Difference: Visual Politics and the Body
VIS 425
Haptic Lab
WRI 220
The Writing's on the Wall (Year-Long Course)
WRI 230
Is Talk Cheap? (Year-Long Course)