For your convenience, this page lists all of the Undergraduate courses being offered for the first time in this term. Please take some time to look through them.

2022-2023 Fall

Subject & Catalog Numbers Title
AAS 306
HUM 329
JRN 336
Topics in Race and Public Policy: Do Black Lives Matter in the News?
AAS 345
GSS 381
Black Radical Tradition
AFS 201
Race, Religion, and Literature of the African Diaspora
AMS 404
AAS 405
Advanced Seminar in American Studies: American Empire, the Anthropocene, & Afrofuturism in Octavia E. Butler
ANT 211
Surveillance, Technoscience, and Society
ANT 302
ENT 302
Ethnography for Research and Design
ANT 306
Current Issues in Anthropology: Liberalism, Racism & Free Speech
ANT 339
GSS 323
Behavioral Biology of Women
ANT 456
Data Visualization/Cultural Facts
ART 335
HLS 336
MED 335
Byzantine Art
ART 338
VIS 338
Photography of Violence and the Violence of Photography
ART 369
EAS 386
The Arts and Archaeology of the Chinese Court
ART 387
ITA 330
Monsters Beware! Otherness and Order in Premodern Art and Literature
ART 450
FRE 408
Seminar. 19th-Century European Art: Impressionism and Post-Impressionism: New Approaches
ART 485
Making Exhibitions: 17th-Century Flemish Paintings at Princeton
ART 493
EAS 493
Narrative and Visuality in China
ASA 361
AMS 461
GSS 330
Asian Americana: Theorizing Race, Class, Gender and Sexuality Across Difference
ASA 390
ENG 490
AMS 490
The Power of the Media in an Evolving Asian Pacific America
ASL 105
Intermediate American Sign Language
ATL 498
MTD 498
Princeton Atelier: How to Write a Musical
ATL 499
GSS 499
THR 499
Princeton Atelier: Sex Variants
CEE 345
STC 345
MSE 345
MAE 327
Origami Engineering
CHV 478
POL 478
Is Representative Democracy Failing Here?
CLA 422
HUM 422
REL 422
Roman Religion: Sources and Methods
CLG 215
Late 5th Century Athens: Aristophanes
COM 376
HLS 376
HIS 320
NES 360
On the Edge of Authoritarianism: Literature and Politics in the Modern Mediterranean
DAN 306
GSS 367
THR 367
Introduction to Radical Access: Disability Justice in the Arts
DAN 318B
Dance Performance Workshop: Rhythm Tap
ECE 445
Solid-State Electronic Devices
ECE 470
COS 470
Principles of Blockchains
ECS 338
POL 473
Fascism: Politics and Culture
ECS 405
ARC 410
ART 405
Architectural Colonialities: Building European Power across the Globe
EGR 495
ENT 495
AAS 495
Special Topics in Entrepreneurship: Black Entrepreneurial History in the United States
ENE 202
ARC 208
EGR 208
ENV 206
Designing Sustainable Systems: Responding to the Pandemic in the Information Age
ENE 419
MAE 419
Negative Emission Technologies
ENG 294
Literature & Fashion
ENG 298
COM 240
Myth and Mythography in the Early Modern World
ENG 311
MED 309
The Medieval Period: Arthurian Literature
ENG 342
Indigenous Literature and Culture: Not Your Mascot
ENG 401
Forms of Literature: Allegory: Chaucer to Whitehead
ENG 403
Forms of Literature: Gothic: Haunted Form
ENG 405
Topics in Poetry: Early Modern Verse by Women and Men
ENG 407
Art of Comedy
ENV 343
CEE 343
SAS 343
ASA 343
Inequality and Sustainability in India and USA: An Interdisciplinary Global Perspective
ENV 347
Field Seminar in Regional Environmental Politics
FRE 328
COM 463
HUM 301
ECS 335
The 'Hidden Causes' of History: Integrating the Social and the Economic
FRE 355
AFS 355
GSS 304
Sex, Gender, and Desire in Francophone Africa
FRE 401
Topics in French Literature and Culture: Deconstruction
FRS 103
Contemporary Natural Law Theory
FRS 107
Poor, Poor, Poor
FRS 111
Exploring the Graphic Novel
FRS 119
What is Horror?
FRS 123
Global Warming: Truths and Lies
FRS 124
dot dot dash - Exercises in Mark Making
FRS 129
Visualizing Nature: Techniques in Field Biology
FRS 133
Knowing Minds
FRS 135
Before Hamilton: Power and History
FRS 139
The Coming of Driverless Cars
FRS 141
Planet Amazonia: Engaging Indigenous Ecologies of Knowledges
FRS 145
Jerusalem: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
FRS 156
Care and Creativity in the Middle Ages: Hildegard of Bingen
FRS 157
Mathematics and Astronomy
FRS 161
Earth: Crops, Culture, and Climate (in Italy)
FRS 163
Once Upon a Time: Magic Tales and their Meanings
FRS 165
Swarm Intelligence
FRS 167
Hierarchy, Difference and Power: Caste and Race Across Continents
FRS 173
Mormonism and the Study of Religion
FRS 177
Gridlocked: The Structure Behind Culture
FRS 191
Love and Work
FRS 193
Food for Thought: What We Eat and Why
FRS 197
American and Russian Science Fiction: Story-Worlds in Dialogue
GER 212
Marx, Nietzsche, Freud
GER 301
Topics in German Drama and Theater: The Politics of Friedrich Schiller
GER 305
Topics in German Poetry: German Lyric Poetry: An Introduction
GER 308
Topics in German Film History and Theory: Film Theory / Theory Films
GER 324
COM 319
Topics in Germanic Literatures: Faust and the Terror of the Modernity
HIS 205
MED 205
HUM 204
HLS 209
The Byzantine Empire
HIS 352
EPS 352
POL 361
Democracy in Europe since 1945: The Contested History
HIS 488
The Soviet Atomic, Space, and Information Ages
HUM 340
MTD 340
AMS 440
SOC 376
Musical Theatre and Fan Cultures
HUM 417
ART 408
CEE 415
HLS 417
Historical Structures: Ancient Architecture's Materials, Construction and Engineering
HUM 434
VIS 434
ECS 434
ART 404
Counterworlds: Innovation and Rupture in Communities of Artistic Practice
ITA 105
Intermediate Italian
ITA 302
Topics in Medieval Italian Literature and Culture: Paradigmi di una Pandemia: Boccaccio's Decameron
JRN 280
The Literature of Fact: The World and the City
JRN 441
The McGraw Seminar in Writing: What Sports Tell Us about Our World
JRN 445
Investigative Journalism: In-depth Reporting
JRN 450
Audio Journalism: Storytelling for Radio, Podcasts and Beyond
LAS 228
SPA 244
THR 233
REL 204
Brujería is (not) Witchcraft: Religiosity, Power, and Performance in LatAm and Caribbean Imagination
LAS 339
ART 336
VIS 329
Art Archives in Latin America
LAS 362
ANT 362
LAO 362
Central Americans and Asylum in the United States
LAT 401
Special Topics: Latin Prose Composition
MPP 252
Jazz Fundamentals II
MTD 232
THR 232
Shakespearean Hip Hop
MUS 326
Composing Like Beethoven
MUS 341
Reimagining Counterpoint
MUS 351
Music and the Moving Image
MUS 357
Music and Shakespeare
NES 251
AFS 251
ANT 374
Indigenous North Africa: Amazigh Communities
NES 359
Violence, Urban Conflict and the Making of the Modern Middle East
PHI 208
AAS 209
Race, Racism, and Racial Justice
PHY 303
Advanced Dynamics
POL 337
Business Influence in American Politics
POL 421
Seminar in American Politics: Election Politics and Law
POL 492
SPI 422
Political Economy and Development
POR 262
AAS 265
ECS 314
Portuguese in the City
POR 408
Liberation & Culture in Portuguese-Speaking Africa
REL 313
SAS 313
The Making of Hinduism
RUS 409
RES 409
Stylistics and Composition
SLA 313
RES 314
Russian Religious Philosophy
SLA 319
RES 319
Eastern European Cinema: War, Love, and Revolutions
SLA 337
RES 337
'What Is to Be Done?': Social Justice in Russian Literature
SML 312
Research Projects in Data Science (B)
SOC 380
Ethnography and Public Policy
SPA 219
LAS 200
ENV 218
Sweetness and Power
SPA 236
LAS 236
Pájaros en la boca: Latin American Women Writers and Artists' New Languages
SPA 314
COM 313
ECS 307
Bodies of Evidence--Premodern Iberia and the New World
SPA 315
LAS 387
COM 388
Literature and Politics in Latin America
SPA 316
LAS 376
Caribbean Currents
SPA 324
LAS 391
Narco Aesthetics in Colombia and Mexico
SPA 342
LAS 342
Topics in Latin American Modernity: Workshop in Cultural Journalism
SPA 368
TRA 368
Found in Translation: The Theory and Practice of Spanish - English Translation
SPI 364
HIS 368
Making Post-Pandemic Worlds: Epidemic History and the Future
SPI 387
SOC 387
AMS 487
Education Policy in the United States
SPI 480
Special Topics in Security and Sustainability: Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development in Africa
SPI 481
SOC 481
Special Topics in Institutions and Networks: Global Urban Political Economy
SPI 482
Special Topics in International Policy and Development: The Chinese Economy
SPI 490
Policy Advocacy Clinic Seminar
THR 231
Message in a Bottle
THR 391
COM 391
VIS 391
Films about the Theater
THR 392
AAS 347
AMS 350
GSS 392
In Living Color: Performing the Black '90s
VIS 314
Inventing Photography: History, Alchemy, and Practice
WRI 208
Discovering New Pasts
WRI 209