For your convenience, this page lists all of the Undergraduate courses being offered for the first time in this term. Please take some time to look through them.

2021-2022 Fall

Subject & Catalog Numbers Title
AAS 244
ART 262
LAS 244
Introduction to Pre-20th Century Black Diaspora Art
AAS 331
HIS 382
Beyond Tuskegee: Race and Human Subjects Research in US History
AFS 106
Intermediate Yoruba I
AMS 322
ENG 242
Native American Literature
AMS 403
ENV 403
VIS 408
Advanced Seminar in American Studies: Art and Politics of Food
ANT 244
AAS 243
ANT 328
AAS 396
AMS 314
ART 327
Reckoning: Complicated Histories and Collective Identities
ANT 387
ENV 387
Anthropologies of Climate and Change
ANT 426
We Were Never Alone: Multispecies Ecologies in the Anthropocene
ARA 403
Topics in Arabic Language and Culture: Readings in the Arabic Novella
ART 207
HLS 207
CLA 207
ARC 211
Greek Architecture
ART 268
Contemporary Art in the Middle East
ART 346
LAS 362
Art, Politics, and the Screen
ART 398
CLA 398
NES 398
Ancient Egyptian Funerary Culture
ART 430
MED 430
HLS 430
Seminar. Medieval Art: Hagia Sophia: The Politics of Built Space
ART 435
Bernini's Women
ART 439
HIS 453
ECS 439
The Invisible Renaissance: Science, Art, and Magic in Early Modern Europe
ART 455
VIS 455
ECS 456
Seminar in Modernist Art & Theory: Alienation in Modern Art & Literature
ART 487
ASL 101
Beginner's American Sign Language I
AST 250
Space Physics Laboratory I (Non-credit)
ATL 498
Princeton Atelier: The Circling Universe
ATL 499
THR 499
AMS 498
Princeton Atelier: Women's Work: The Evelyn Brown Project
CEE 374
Autonomous Fabrication and Robotics
CHM 250
Chemistry Research Experience I (Non-Credit)
CLA 250
HUM 253
CLA 326
HIS 326
HUM 324
Topics in Ancient History: Town and Country
COM 457
HUM 457
ENG 457
Ways of Knowing: Philosophy and Literature
CWR 208
CWR 217
LAO 217
Latinx Stories
DAN 229
MTD 229
THR 229
Introduction to Rhythm Tap Dance: Past Legacies, Future Rhythms
DAN 305
AAS 307
AMS 310
Black Dance: History, Theory, Practice
DAN 324
THR 327
Princeton Dance Festival Expanded: Politics of Care
EAS 105
Intermediate Vietnamese I
EAS 206
HIS 206
MED 206
Medieval Asian Worlds: Korea, Japan, China, Inner and South Asia 300 CE-1700 CE
EAS 409
HIS 309
The Warrior Culture of Japan
ECE 434
COS 434
Machine Learning Theory
ECE 497R
Senior Independent Work-Resubmission
ECS 381
COM 458
Incorrect Literature: Modernist Masterpieces and the Controversies They Unleashed
EGR 498
ENT 498
Special Topics in Social Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship for the Idealist
ENG 208
ENG 293
ASA 293
Chinatown USA
ENG 314
THR 384
Hope and History: The Poems and Plays of Seamus Heaney
ENG 319
THR 217
GSS 441
Staging Sex in the City of London: From Country Wives to Fleabags
ENG 339
COM 342
GSS 438
Topics in 18th-Century Literature: Love Gone Wrong
ENV 345
URB 345
ARC 345
LAS 395
Thinking Through Soil
ENV 380
ENG 480
COM 386
Cities, Sea Level Rise and the Environmental Humanities
FRE 350
COM 381
ECS 366
ART 399
France on Display: Shaping the Nation under the Third Republic, 1870-1940
FRE 390
THR 390
Race in French Theater
FRE 417
COM 455
Looking for the Beast: Animals as Spectacle in Literature, Film, and Culture
FRS 103
Self to Selfie
FRS 105
American Identity at a Crossroads?
FRS 113
Global Poverty - Who is Responsible?
FRS 119
Race, Representation, and Education Policy
FRS 127
Body Builders: Living Systems as Art Media
FRS 129
Monsters Among us
FRS 133
What Will Happen to Her Next?
FRS 141
Ancient Egypt and Its Hieroglyphs
FRS 155
The Human Context
FRS 163
Imagining Joan of Arc
FRS 167
Europe, Russia and in-Between: Historical Encounters, Late Eighteenth Century to the Present
FRS 175
Performance and Photography
FRS 177
Aerial Knot Theory
FRS 181
On Love and Politics
FRS 183
A Portrait of the Artist As...
FRS 185
Tragedy and the Meaning of Life
FRS 187
ACTING Against Oppression: Notes from the other América
FRS 189
Sufis, Slaves and Soldiers: Premodern Mobility in South and Central Asia
FRS 193
Belief and Ideology
FRS 195
FRS 197
Imagining New York: the City in Fiction
FRS 199
Diplomatic Encounters -- Or, So You Want To Be a Diplomat
GER 303
Topics in Prose Fiction: Media of Literature
GER 306
German Intellectual History: Gender and Sexuality in German Culture and Thought
GER 307
ECS 307
Topics in German Culture and Society: Cultures of Melancholy: Literature, Art and Science
GER 403
EAS 403
Studies in Comparative Surveillance
HEB 330
Israeli Media: News, Podcasts, Sitcoms, and More
HIN 303
URD 303
COM 395
Topics in Hindi/Urdu: Literature and the Environment
HIS 423
AFS 424
REL 423
The History of Christianity in Africa: From St. Mark to Desmond Tutu
HIS 427
CHV 427
Being Human: A Political History
HIS 454
SAS 454
Afghanistan in World History: Between and Beyond Empires
HUM 450
ART 482
ARC 450
ECS 450
Empathy and Alienation: Aesthetics, Politics, Culture
HUM 470
MUS 470
CLA 470
Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities: Abandoned Women
JRN 447
Politics and the Media: The Art of the Political Profile
LAS 202
GHP 342
Public Health in Latin America
LAS 312
HIS 313
Revolution in Twentieth-Century Latin America
LAS 317
ENV 376
ANT 317
Political Natures: The Politics of Nature and Development in Latin America
LAS 324
ANT 324
Battling Borders in the Americas
LAS 325
ART 381
ANT 325
SPA 397
Muertos: Art and Mortality in Mexico
LAS 390
ANT 392
GHP 390
Multispecies Worlding and Global Health Policies
MAE 438
ENE 438
Electrochemical Engineering
NEU 443
PSY 443
Computational Psychiatry
NEU 460
The Cerebellum in Action and Cognition
POL 332
HUM 339
Topics in American Statesmanship: Abraham Lincoln's Politics: Concepts, Conflict and Context
POL 420
Seminar in American Politics: Threats to American Democracy
POR 260
LAS 260
Myth, Memory and Identity Politics in Lusophone Cinema
POR 310
LAS 359
The Sweet Pain of Saudade
PSY 385
Mind, Body, Culture: Clinical Psychology
REL 100
Religion and the Public Conversation
REL 254
Modern Evangelicalism in the United States
REL 373
AAS 320
LAS 322
Studies in Religion: Spirit Possession in Caribbean Religions
REL 394
CHV 394
Environmental Ethics and Modern Religious Thought
SLA 411
RES 411
ENG 441
COM 456
Selected Topics in Russian Literature and Culture: Crosscultural Links between Russian and American Literature & Culture
SOC 311
GSS 451
Sexuality in Global Contexts
SOC 371
Genomics and Society
SPA 350
LAS 349
Topics in Latin American Cultural Studies: Money and Matter in Spanish America
SPI 394
Inequities in Health
SPI 396
ECO 396
LAS 399
Education Economics and Policy
THR 238
The Art of Stand-up
THR 308
AMS 307
COM 385
ENG 260
Metatheater, Then and Now
THR 329
ENG 263
GSS 442
MTD 329
A Queer and Mysterious Analysis of William Inge
THR 355
AAS 399
Illegal Gatherings Act - South African Protest Theatre
VIS 232
Collage: Diversions, Contradictions, and Anomalies
VIS 373
AAS 398
ART 372
GSS 440
Curating Within Obscurity: Research as Exhibition Structure and Form