For your convenience, this page lists all of the Undergraduate courses being offered for the first time in this term. Please take some time to look through them.

2020-2021 Spring

Subject & Catalog Numbers Title
AAS 303
LAS 363
Topics in Global Race and Ethnicity: From Slave Ship to Cruise Ship: Empire and Resistance in the Caribbean
AAS 306
GSS 428
Topics in Race and Public Policy: Institutional Anti-Blackness and the Power of Naming
AFS 102
Beginning Yoruba II
AMS 240
Introduction to American Popular Culture
AMS 334
ENG 234
American Genres: Western, Screwball Comedy, Film Noir
AMS 351
GSS 427
AAS 345
REL 393
Islam in/and America: Race, Religion, and Gender in the United States
AMS 403
POL 478
Advanced Seminar in American Studies: Fixing A Bug in Democracy: The Math and Practice of Fair Redistricting
AMS 404
ENG 434
Advanced Seminar in American Studies: Multiethnic American Short Stories: Tales We Tell Ourselves
AMS 406
Advanced Seminar in American Studies: The Disney Industrial Complex
ANT 217
HUM 211
SAS 217
Anthropology of Religion: Religion, Ethics, Social Life
ANT 332
EAS 374
Culture and Power in China
ANT 405
AFS 405
Topics in Anthropology: Decolonization
ANT 428
GSS 437
Myth-busting Race and Sex: Anthropology, Biology, and 'Human Natures'
ARC 422
The Expanded Field: Tensions, Analogies, and Exchanges
ART 361
HIS 355
MED 361
HUM 361
The Art & Archaeology of Plague
ART 397
ECS 398
Reckoning with History, Responding to the Present: Art in Europe Since 1960
ART 402
HUM 406
MED 402
HLS 401
Ethics in Archaeology
ART 422
Tea and Its Objects in Sixteenth-century Japan
ART 494
ECS 494
VIS 494
Avant-Gardism & (Anti) Capitalism
ASA 329
ENG 292
Asian American Autobiography
ATL 494
THR 494
Princeton Atelier: Darkness and Light: Writing, Lighting, Blackness and Whiteness
ATL 495
THR 495
Princeton Atelier: Art and Change in the Panopticon
ATL 497
AAS 497
VIS 497
Princeton Atelier: Visualizing the Battle Cry
CEE 344
ENV 344
Water, Engineering, and Civilization
CHV 385
AAS 385
The Hidden History of Hollywood - Research Film Studio
CHV 410
REL 403
PHI 410
Perfect Being Theology: Problems and Prospects
CLA 203
COM 217
HLS 201
TRA 203
What is a Classic?
CLA 226
ENV 226
HLS 226
Living, Naturally: Organisms, Ecologies, and Norms in Greco-Roman Antiquity
CLA 240
Roman Law and Colonialism
CLA 338
PHI 389
HLS 368
Topics in Classical Thought: Dreams
CLA 342
HUM 348
AAS 356
Race and the Inhumanities
CLG 410
HLS 403
MED 410
Greek Palaeography and Medieval Manuscript Culture
COM 207
ENG 207
GER 203
What is Socialism? Literature and Politics
COM 245
Classics of Japanese Cinema
COM 373
AAS 383
AMS 388
Cinema in Times of Pandemic: Research Film Studio
COM 375
ENG 265
Writing the World: Nature, Science, and Literature in Early Modern Europe
COM 382
NES 386
JDS 382
New Israeli Cinema: Contemporary Visions
COM 449
SPA 449
LAS 449
Violence, Migration, and Literature in the Americas
COM 450
HUM 452
TRA 450
Global Publishing: Translation, Media, Migration
DAN 226
THR 226
Making Work
DAN 329
AMS 329
GSS 433
Moving Writing: Memoir and the Work of Dance
EAS 332
GSS 429
COM 352
Cosmopolitan Her: Writing in Late Capitalism
EAS 353
HUM 353
Uyghur History: A Survey
EAS 410
For a Language To Come: A Creative/Critical Media Workshop
ECO 318
Economics of Gender
ECO 323
Market Failures and Policy Responses
EEB 331
Applied Molecular Ecology
EEB 344
Tropical Ecology and Conservation: The Serengeti
EGR 495
Special Topics in Entrepreneurship: Blazing A Path: Understanding Gender In Startup World
ELE 368
Introduction To Wireless Communication Systems
ENE 410
CBE 410
MAE 410
Optimization for the Design and Analysis of Energy Systems
ENG 205
Making Poems Your Own
ENG 216
AMS 216
GSS 214
Wounded Beauty
ENG 311
MED 309
The Medieval Period: Arthurian Literature and the Critique of Empire
ENG 318
LAO 318
LAS 306
AMS 318
Topics in Latinx Literature and Culture: Latinx Literary Worlds
ENG 326
The 17th Century: Early Modern Amsterdam: Tolerant Eminence & the Arts
ENG 338
HIS 318
AMS 348
Topics in 18th-Century Literature: North American 'Indians' in Transatlantic Contexts
ENG 358
LAS 385
AMS 396
Reading Islands: Caribbean Waters, the Archipelago, and its Narratives
ENG 361
AMS 357
Conspiracy in American Literature and Culture
ENG 399
Multicultural London: The Literature of Migrants and Immigrants
ENV 305
SAS 315
Topics in Environmental Studies: Co-existing with Complexity: Present and Possibilities for Environment
ENV 428
ANT 488
The Body in Rain: Embodiment and Planetary Change
ENV 455
COM 454
ENG 255
Sea Level Rise, Islands and the Environmental Humanities
FRE 228
THR 227
Contemporary French Theater
FRE 250
Classics of French and Francophone Cinema
FRE 337
COM 391
ECS 361
HUM 337
Styles of Literature and Science in 18th- and 19th-Century Europe
FRE 348
COM 396
ECS 363
HUM 358
Democracy and Education
FRE 372
Migration, Diversity, Diaspora: Francophone Community-Engagement
FRE 384
France Through its Archives: Media, Memory, History
FRE 403
LAS 423
Topics in Francophone Literature, Culture, and History: Francophone Caribbean Literature
FRE 435
Le roman populaire en France au XXe siècle
FRS 102
Poetry in the Political & Sexual Revolution of the 1960s & 70s
FRS 104
Story: Drama from the Greek Stage to the Modern Screen
FRS 108
Listening In: Sonic Culture in American History
FRS 110
Before Hamilton: Histories of the Early American Republic
FRS 112
History and Memory: Inventing the Past, Constructing the Present
FRS 114
Mother Tongues
FRS 120
Divided We Stand: Economic Inequality and Its Discontents
FRS 124
From Gulag to Sputnik: Greatest Hits of the Soviet Socialist Experiment
FRS 128
The Most Sacred of All Property: The Philosophical Case for Protecting Religious Liberty
FRS 130
Drawing the Divine Religion and Spirituality in Comics, Graphic Novels, Manga, and Anime
FRS 132
The Drama Within: Embodying the Immune System on Stage and Screen
FRS 138
Representation in Documentary Filmmaking
FRS 140
Modernity and Myth: Tradition and Transformation
FRS 144
The Radical Imagination
FRS 146
The Idea of Monarchy in Jewish Political Thought
FRS 148
Conspiracy Theories in Context
FRS 150
Projecting Power
FRS 154
Before and After the Wall: US-Mexico Border Fictions
FRS 156
Failure: The Other 'F' Word - Success & Innovation's Sibling?
FRS 158
Steal This Seminar: Pirates, Copiers, and Copyrights in Law and Culture
FRS 160
Free Speech in Law, Ethics, and Politics
FRS 162
Bioethics: Public Policy, Ethics and the Law
FRS 164
Fighting for Health: Illness, Iniquities, and Inequality
FRS 166
Aliens, Alienated, or Us? Medieval Fantasies of Identity
FRS 170
The Antislavery Origins of the American Civil War
FRS 172
Money, Markets and Morals
FRS 174
Drawing Data
FRS 176
The American Dream: Visions and Subversions in American Literature
FRS 178
Quantum Engineering: Foundations and Impact
FRS 180
The Smart Band-Aid for Tissue Regeneration
GER 302
Topics in Critical Theory: What Is Critique?
GER 307
Topics in German Culture and Society: German Affects
GER 314
CHV 320
COM 448
Topics in the History and Theory of the Media: Artificial Life
GHP 414
ANT 376
Pandemics: Critical Perspectives on Emergence, Governance and Care
GSS 426
HIS 458
History and the Body
HEB 320
Literary Hebrew: Biblical and Modern, Poetry and Prose
HIS 250
AFS 250
The Mother and Father Continent: A Global History of Africa
HIS 369
CHV 369
European Intellectual History in the Twentieth Century
HIS 379
U.S. Legal History
HIS 411
World After Empire
HIS 415
AMS 415
Race, Labor, and Empire
HIS 416
SAS 416
Resistance and Reform: Islam and Colonialism in Modern South Asia
HIS 420
SAS 420
GSS 430
Desi Girl, Mother India: Gender, Sexuality, and History in Hindi Cinema
HIS 431
AMS 432
Archiving the American West
HIS 434
RES 434
Revolutionary Russia
HIS 441
AMS 441
Reconstructing the Union: Law, Democracy, and Race after the American Civil War
HIS 455
NES 456
COM 452
The Dictator Novel in Historical Perspective: Writing Tyranny
HUM 331
HIS 336
A History of Words: Technologies of Communication from Cuneiform to Coding
HUM 352
ENG 252
URB 352
THR 350
Arts in the Invisible City: Race, Policy, Performance
HUM 363
AMS 364
Writing Lincoln: Biography, Film, Literature
HUM 470
HLS 470
COM 451
Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities: Ironic Voices: Socrates and C.P. Cavafy
JRN 445
Investigative Journalism: Deeper Reporting Off Breaking News
JRN 448
AAS 448
The Media and Social Issues: Reporting on Policing, Race and Inequality
JRN 449
HLS 448
URB 447
International News: Reporting on Rising Nationalism in Europe
LAO 201
AMS 211
LAS 201
Introduction to Latino/a/x Studies
LAS 217
POL 271
URB 217
ANT 397
Culture, Politics, and Human Rights in Latin America
LAS 302
HIS 305
Latin America in Modern World History: Global and Transnational Perspectives, 1800 to the Present
LAS 412
ENV 414
ANT 329
Amazonia, The Last Frontier: History, Culture, and Power
LAS 416
HUM 416
ART 416
Reading the Landscapes of Colonial Latin America
LAT 335
Roman Literature: Selected Author or Authors: Augustine's Confessions
LIN 202
LIN 202
Constructed Languages: From Elvish to Esperanto
LIN 313
LIN 313
Rhythm and Tone in Words
LIN 401
LIN 401
Advanced Phonology
MAE 436
Special Topics in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: Introduction to Hypersonic Aerodynamics and Thermal Protection Design
MAT 478
Topics In Combinatorics: Extremal Combinatorics
MPP 214
LAS 234
Projects in Vocal Performance: Study of Spanish and Latin American Song
MUS 212
Improvisation and Interpretation in African American Folk-Based Music
MUS 263
Arranging and Composing for Large Jazz Ensemble
MUS 331
Schematic Thought and the Musical Imagination
NES 392
HIS 338
HLS 391
Clash of Civilizations?
NES 396
POL 436
Political Economy of Institutions in the Modern Middle East
NEU 395
Topics in Scientific Data Exploration
NEU 490
PSY 490
Brain Plasticity in Health and Disease
ORF 445
High Frequency Markets: Models and Data Analysis
PHI 304
Topics in Kant's Philosophy: Kant's Ethical Thought?
PHI 345
Philosophy of Humor
PHI 350
CHV 356
Ethics of Emerging Technologies
POL 332
Topics in American Statesmanship: Woodrow Wilson: Progressive, Villain?
POL 340
The Politics of Policing
POL 410
GSS 425
Seminar in Political Theory: Science, Identity, and the Politics of Human Difference
POL 420
Seminar in American Politics: Money in American Politics
POL 421
Seminar in American Politics: The Politics of Voting Rights in the U.S.
POL 430
LAS 433
Seminar in Comparative Politics: Political Institutions and Governance in the Developing World
POL 440
SPI 440
Seminar in International Relations: Theories of International Order
POL 441
Seminar in International Relations: Politics of the Global Economy
POL 455
GSS 435
LGBTQ Politics: Identity, Voice, Policy
POL 477
CHV 477
JRN 477
Expressive Rights and Wrongs: Speech, Offense, and Commemoration
POR 340
LAS 375
Songs of Brazil: Listen & Lyrics
POR 415
LAS 425
The Canon Re-signified
REL 205
PHI 206
An Introduction to Indian Philosophy and Religion
REL 214
CHV 215
Religion, Ethics and Animals
REL 320
Poetry and Transcendence in some Western Christian Mystical Theologies
REL 323
EAS 358
Japanese Mythology
SAS 305
COM 364
GSS 431
Indian Women's Writing: Issues and Perspectives
SLA 315
RES 315
Madness in Russian Literature
SLA 412
Selected Topics in Russian Literature and Culture: (Mis)interpreting Nikolai Gogol
SOC 218
Sociology of Mental Health
SOC 306
SML 306
Machine Learning with Social Data: Opportunities and Challenges
SOC 414
COS 415
Can We Build Anti-Racist Technologies?
SPA 243
Poetics of the Weak: Pictures of Vulnerability in Spain
SPA 416
From the Apocalypse to the 'New Normal' (and back)
SPI 329
POL 350
Comparative Political Economy for Policy Making
SPI 336
Policing, Civil Rights and Social Change
SPI 337
POL 424
Black Politics and Public Policy in the U.S.
SPI 338
When Old Debates Were New Again: Exploring the Theoretical Origins of Internet Policy
SPI 395
GSS 436
Law, Policy and the Black Lives Matter Movement
THR 220
COM 246
ENG 226
GHP 320
Theater and the Plague
THR 251
One Flea Spare Project
THR 302
ENG 222
Ghosts, Vampires and Zombies in Irish Theater and Literature
THR 409
CWR 409
Revision Workshop
THR 416
AMS 416
COM 453
ENG 456
Decentering/Recentering the Western Canon in the Contemporary American Theater
URB 378
ARC 344
SAS 378
HUM 378
South Asian Migrations
VIS 206
Feminist Technoscience: Art, Technology, & Gender
VIS 323
CWR 323
ENG 232
JRN 323
Writing Near Art/Art Near Writing