For your convenience, this page lists all of the Undergraduate courses being offered for the first time in this term. Please take some time to look through them.

2020-2021 Fall

Subject & Catalog Numbers Title
AAS 306
AMS 305
Topics in Race and Public Policy: Race and Inequality in American Democracy
AAS 326
ENG 286
Topics in African American Culture & Life: Early African American Literature
AAS 339
EGR 339
Black Mirror: Race, Technology, and Justice
AAS 392
ENG 392
GSS 341
Topics in African American Literature: Reading Toni Morrison
AFS 101
Beginning Yoruba I
AFS 470
Health, Race, and Power in Africa in the Digital Age
AMS 317
MTD 321
THR 322
ENG 249
Sondheim's Musicals and the Making of America
AMS 343
ENG 238
HUM 342
Privacy, Publicity, and the Text Message
AMS 406
THR 447
DAN 406
Advanced Seminar in American Studies: Performance Studies as American Studies
ANT 337
GSS 279
Queer Becomings
ANT 369
AFS 369
Reading Africa: Anthropological Approaches to the Continent
ANT 419
AMS 417
GSS 423
LAS 419
Race, Gender, Empire
ANT 452
SOC 452
ENV 452
Alternative Economies: Before (and after) Growth
ART 385
EAS 385
Art and Power in China
ART 394
NES 384
Arts of the Islamic World
ART 419
LAS 429
Art and Architecture in New Spain (Mexico) 1521-1821
ART 454
Topics in the History of Photography: Inventing Photography
ASA 324
AMS 324
ENG 244
Model Minority Fictions
ATL 497
VIS 497
Princeton Atelier: The Art of the Olfactory
ATL 498
THR 498
Princeton Atelier: Maximizing the Minimal
ATL 499
DAN 499
THR 499
VIS 499
Princeton Atelier: Fantasia! Fantasia!: Dance-Theatre-Media
CBE 411
MOL 411
Antibiotics: From Cradle to Grave
CEE 440
Elements of Conceptual Design and Analysis of Structures
CEE 474
Special Topics in Civil and Environmental Engineering: The Climatological, Hydrological & Environmental Footprints of Cities
Introductory Chinese II
CHM 373
Analytical Methods and Experimental Design
CHV 367
POL 475
PHI 368
A Democratic Philosophy
CHV 395
PHI 399
The Ethics of Eating
CLA 232
HLS 232
POL 363
Rhetoric and Politics
CLG 213
Tragic Drama: Helen: Desire and Reality
CLG 310
COM 388
HLS 309
Topics in Greek Literature: Murder, Treason, and Impiety in Ancient Athens
COM 244
NES 254
JDS 244
Jews and Muslims: History and Culture
COM 339
ECS 351
ENG 239
HUM 399
Political Novel and Cinema
COM 441
PHI 441
HUM 441
ENG 281
Saying 'I': First Person Point of View in Literature and Philosophy
COM 442
Ethics and Politics of Pedagogy
COM 447
Making Sense: Real Poetics, Diderot through Freud
COS 333I
Advanced Programming Techniques (Non-credit)
CWR 207
GSS 220
THR 207
Yaass Queen: Gay Men, Straight Women, and the Literature, Art, and Film of Hagdom
CWR 218
Writing and Performance
CWR 311
Embodied Storytelling: Voice, Mediation and Address
DAN 206
MTD 206
THR 206
DAN 314
AMS 335
ANT 356
THR 314
Performance in Extraordinary Times: Documenting and Analyzing the Present
DAN 324
Princeton Dance Festival Re-Imagined: Five Performance Projects
DAN 357
AMS 358
THR 357
VIS 357
Are You For Sale? Performance Making, Philanthropy and Ethics
EAS 307
HUM 308
China's Others: Minority Peoples in the Chinese Past and Present
EAS 372
COM 386
Strange Korean Families
ECO 416
ENG 206
Making and Remaking Fiction
ENG 229
AMS 229
Introduction to Indigenous Literatures
ENG 353
GSS 424
Melodrama: From Uncle Tom's Cabin to Grey's Anatomy
ENG 354
AAS 354
THR 351
Black Dramatists in the English-Speaking World
ENG 409
THR 410
HUM 409
Topics in Drama: The Antigone Project
ENG 415
JRN 415
COM 446
Topics in Literature and Ethics: Imagining Human Rights
ENG 432
HUM 433
GSS 432
Fashioning the Self, Rendering Others: Literary and Visual Portraiture, 18th C to the Present
FRE 230
ENV 232
Politics and Environment in France
FRE 334
HUM 334
ECS 344
Race in France
FRE 335
COM 365
ECS 347
Laughing with the Other: Humor and Alterity in French and Francophone Modern Literature and Culture
FRE 403
Topics in Francophone Literature, Culture, and History: Slavery and Capitalism in the Francophone World
FRS 103
Graphic America: Comics, Graphic Narrative, and American Culture
FRS 105
Saving Seeds
FRS 107
Happiness and Being Human in Catholic Thought
FRS 111
Everyday Enchantment: Blurring the Boundary Between the Arts and Life
FRS 119
The Unfinished Work of Art
FRS 121
Behind the Scenes: Inside the Princeton University Art Museum
FRS 123
Wordplay: A Wry Plod from Babel to Scrabble
FRS 125
Global Health, Food Security, and the Environment: An Introduction to One Health Policy
FRS 127
Alternative Facts, Lies, and History
FRS 129
West African Drumming
FRS 131
Sizing Up The Universe
FRS 133
Difficult Art
FRS 135
Ways of Knowing: Knowledge and Power
FRS 139
Ways of Knowing: Knowledge and Power
FRS 141
Gender and Sex Diversity
FRS 143
Is Politics a Performance?
FRS 145
Learning to 'Spell': Visions of School in Fantasy and Science Fiction
FRS 153
Pandemic Pedagogy: School and Society in a Time of Disruption and Trauma
FRS 155
Ways of Knowing: Knowledge and Power
FRS 157
The Bad Old Days? LGBTQ Writing Before Stonewall
FRS 165
Archaeology as History
FRS 171
The Lives of Early Christian Women
FRS 173
First Year Painting Studio Seminar
FRS 175
Civil Disobedience: Breaking the Law from Socrates to the Civil Rights Movement
FRS 181
'Kim Kardashian is Dead!' Mobilizing Millions: Art, Film, Human Rights and Social Change
FRS 185
Freedom in the Age of Revolutions
FRS 187
Cannibals and Kings: Uncomfortable Topics in the Pre-Conquest Americas
FRS 189
FRS 191
Atheism and the Death of God
FRS 193
Just Looking
GER 304
COM 336
Marx, Nietzsche, Freud
GER 324
Topics in Germanic Literatures: Waldeinsamkeit: Nature, Culture, Translation
GHP 413
ENV 413
Planetary Health: A Critical History
GSS 218
AAS 218
The Racialization of Beauty
GSS 219
AAS 219
Race, Gender, Sexuality, and Contemporary States of Unfreedom
HEB 315
Israeli Film and Literature
HIS 397
Medicine and the Mind: A History of Psychiatry from the Asylum to Zoloft
HIS 412
POL 482
ENV 434
Marx and the Marxist Method of Analysis: A Primer for All Disciplines
HIS 419
NES 419
COM 438
Topics in the History of Modern Syria: The Making and Unmaking of Modern Syria
HIS 436
SAS 436
Working Class Lives on the Indian Subcontinent
HIS 440
History of the National Security State
HIS 443
AAS 443
Black Worldmaking: Freedom Movements Then and Now
HIS 482
AMS 482
Arab America: Culture, Activism, and Resistance
HIS 495
Alchemy: Art and Science
HUM 328
ENG 270
ART 396
Language to Be Looked At
HUM 335
EAS 376
HIS 334
A Global History of Monsters
HUM 410
VIS 410
ART 496
Inventing Photography
HUM 470
CLA 471
CWR 470
Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities: Ancient Plots, Modern Twists
ITA 401
THR 408
Seminar in Italian Literature and Culture: Modern Italian Theater: Performance, Spectacle, and the Social Scene
JRN 260
The Media in America: What to Read and Believe in the Age of Covid
JRN 280
The Literature of Fact: Writing About Culture
JRN 441
The McGraw Seminar in Writing: War Reporting Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
LAO 218
ENG 258
AMS 218
Latinx Autobiography
LAS 212
ANT 212
Environmental Sovereignties: Indigenous Social Movements in the Americas
LAS 307
JRN 307
COM 371
SPA 374
Journalism, Politics, and Power in Latin America
LAS 308
GHP 308
Health, Education and Work in Latin America
LAS 313
ENV 333
Political Natures: The Politics of Nature and Development in Latin America
LIN 400
Junior Seminar
MTD 333
GSS 228
LAO 321
THR 333
Latinx Musicals on Stage and Screen
MUS 261
Introduction to Jazz Arranging, Composition and Harmony
MUS 300
Junior Seminar
NES 397
'Global Algeria' in the 20th Century: Beyond France and Fanon
NEU 430
Epigenetics in Neuroscience and Behavior
PHI 372
SPA 393
LAS 372
Latin American Philosophy
PHY 112
Gravity and The Cosmos
POL 311
Multiculturalism: Conflicts Over Diversity in the Modern State
POL 420
AMS 420
AAS 420
Seminar in American Politics: Reading Immigrant Narratives: U.S. Immigration and Integration
POL 426
Generation Z Voting Challenge
POL 441
Seminar in International Relations: Domestic Political Violence
POR 304
LAS 311
Topics in Brazilian Cultural and Social History: Performing Brazilian Culture
PSY 454
COS 454
Probabilistic Models of Cognition
REL 304
CHV 304
Religion and Modern Moral Philosophy
REL 308
MED 316
HUM 313
AAS 340
Christians and Incarceration
REL 354
JDS 354
Advanced Biblical Hebrew: Violence and the State in the Hebrew Bible
RUS 305
Russian Humor
SAS 309
REL 300
Hinduism: Visions and Ideas
SLA 303
ART 330
Seeing Health: Medicine, Literature, and the Visual Arts
SLA 307
Manuscripts Don't Burn: Works of Mikhail Bulgakov
SLA 309
Moscow: City to Myth
SLA 401
Junior Methods Seminar
SOC 102
Police Violence, #BlackLivesMatter, and the Covid-19 Pandemic
SOC 318
EAS 378
Contemporary Japanese Society
SOC 350
The Social Meaning of Money
SPA 237
LAS 237
GSS 237
Wildness, Whiteness, and Manliness in Colonial Latin America
SPA 252
HUM 252
ECS 359
Narrating Pandemics Now
SPA 253
Culture in Modern Spain: State, Bodies, and (Glotto) Politics
SPA 345
LAS 345
Topics in Latin American Literature and Ideology: Art, Memory, and Human Rights in Latin America
SPA 388
LAS 358
The Skins of the Film: Latin America and the Politics of Touching
SPA 390
Recent Experiments in Spanish Literature
SPA 391
How to Write a Novel: Fiction Workshop
SPA 392
LAS 392
The Fiction of Mario Vargas Llosa
SPA 395
On the Imagination in Pandemic Times in Contemporary Iberian Cultures
SPA 396
LAS 396
Poetry Matters: Latin American Poets and the Power of Language
SPA 407
ECS 407
Contemporary Spain: An Advanced Introduction
SPI 324
POL 371
Designing Democracy
SPI 328
URB 328
Crime and Violence in U.S. Cities
SPI 373
GSS 205
Women, Law and Public Policy
SPI 409
Modern India: Political Economy Since Independence
VIS 205
Futures for All: Reimagining Social Equality through Art and Technology
VIS 227
Everyday Clay
VIS 229
Fabric Logics: Textiles as Sculpture
VIS 312
Difficult Pictures