For your convenience, this page lists all of the Undergraduate courses being offered for the first time in this term. Please take some time to look through them.

2023-2024 Spring

Subject & Catalog Numbers Title
AAS 330
Slavery and Abolition in Contemporary Culture
AAS 354
LAS 362
LAO 362
Black Latinidad: from Frederick Douglass to Cardi B
AAS 406
AMS 429
Freedom is a Place! Abolition Geography
AFS 356
NES 306
Red Sea Worlds: Ancient Africa and Arabia
AFS 450
AAS 451
Critical African Studies: Race and Islam in Africa and the Diaspora: Theories and Approaches
AMS 305
Food Culture and Food Justice
AMS 306
ARC 313
URB 311
HIS 308
Commemoration, Crisis, and Revolution in the City
AMS 316
SOC 386
JDS 316
This American Jewish Life: Exploring the American Jewish Experience
AMS 403
ENV 403
ART 406
Advanced Seminar in American Studies: Art, Media & Environmental Justice
AMS 404
ANT 414
AAS 405
Advanced Seminar in American Studies: Race and the Medicalization of Violence in America
AMS 425
ENG 423
ANT 217
HLS 216
REL 218
Anthropology of Religion: The Afterlives of Religion
ANT 228
URB 228
AAS 238
Just Housing? Racial Capitalism and the Right to the City
ANT 233
HUM 237
The Sensing Body: The Anthropology of Sensory Experience
ANT 256
HUM 256
Emotions: On the Makings of Moral and Political Life
ANT 318
SAS 319
GSS 439
Global Cultures of Dissent
ANT 320
ECS 353
HUM 313
The Paranormal and the Supernatural
ANT 325
MAE 347
SPI 384
Robots in Human Ecology: A Hands-on Course for Anthropologists, Engineers, and Policymakers
ANT 354
HUM 373
Digital Anthropology: Methods for Exploring Virtual Worlds
ANT 430
ARC 314
ASA 313
HUM 374
URB 313
Chinatown, The Japanese Garden, The Period Room: Case Studies for Diasporic Architecture
ARC 380
CEE 380
Introduction to Robotics for Digital Fabrication
ART 273
LAS 217
Mexican Modernism
ART 380
JRN 380
Photography and Fact
ART 419
GSS 468
LAS 414
Nahua Women
ART 465
AMS 466
Re-Reading American Photographs
ART 466
ARC 466
URB 466
Sicily: An Architectural History
ART 484
ENV 484
ECS 484
Elemental Ecologies in Early Modern Art
ASA 318
AMS 298
SOC 389
Asian American Pacific Islander Experience
ASA 330
AMS 336
SOC 388
US Empire in Asia and the Pacific Islands
ATL 494
THR 494
Princeton Atelier: A Blank Page: Creativity, Collaboration, and Adaptation
ATL 495
THR 495
Princeton Atelier: Space, Time, and Creation - A Theatrical Adaptation of Mr. g
ATL 497
THR 497
Princeton Atelier: How To Write a Monologue
ATL 498
FRE 498
THR 498
Princeton Atelier: Performing Marivaux
BNG 280
Introduction to Synthetic Biology
CBE 218
ENE 218
The Complexities of the Energy Transition
CBE 426
MSE 426
Light, Catalyst, (Re)action! Photocatalysis for Sustainable Chemistry
CBE 449
Numerical and Monte Carlo Methods in Engineering and Scientific Computing
CEE 325
CBE 325
ENE 325
BNG 325
Environmental Biotechnology
CEE 464
MSE 464
Waves in Structures and Metamaterials
CEE 476
Sustainable Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Design
CHI 452
Fifth-Year Modern Chinese II: Language and Culture in Contemporary China
CHV 323
PHI 424
Topics in Neuroethics: Cognitive Enhancements
CHV 479
POL 497
Realizing Democracy
CLA 229
COM 230
GSS 234
HLS 229
Women, Writing, Greece: From Sappho to Virginia Woolf and Beyond
CLA 235
HLS 235
Identity and Globalization in the Ancient Mediterranean
CLA 326
HIS 326
HLS 373
HUM 324
Topics in Ancient History: Dining and Food in the Roman World
CLA 327
HIS 327
Topics in Ancient History: Augustus: Politics, Religion, Culture
CLG 214
Greek Prose Authors: Virtue and Knowledge in Plato's 'Protagoras'
CLG 310
Topics in Greek Literature: The Hesiodic Catalogue of Women
COM 319
ECS 325
Decadence: Empire, Sexuality, Aesthetics
COM 329
HUM 329
Medical Humanities: Body Cultures in Literature and History
COM 333
PHI 422
Arts of Mimesis
COM 336
TRA 366
THR 379
Latinx Shakespeares: Bilingual Responses to the Bard
COS 495
Special Topics in Computer Science: Probability in Computer Science
DAN 327
VIS 327
Site: Place in Art, Performance and Dance
DAN 370
THR 370
Movement and Light: Interaction and Process of Design and Choreography
DAN 375
THR 375
Dance, Theater, and Popular Culture
EAS 224
ASA 223
Remediating Monkey: Journey to the West
EAS 262
COM 262
How Does It Move?: Action and Moving Image in Modern Japanese Media
EAS 311
Jidaigeki: Period Films in Japan
EAS 326
HIS 331
MED 326
HUM 381
Bamboo, Silk, Wood, and Paper: Ancient and Medieval Chinese Manuscripts
EAS 347
GSS 428
Women's Writing in Premodern China
ECE 433
COS 435
Introduction to Reinforcement Learning
ECE 451
BNG 451
Bioelectronics and Biosensors
ECS 346
CLA 346
MUS 346
COM 375
Performing Myth in Early Modern Europe
EEB 355
Statistics for Biologists
EGR 314
ENT 314
Design Futures: Navigating Uncertainty through Creative Methodologies
EGR 421
SPI 487
SAS 421
Redesigning Governance: The Globalization of India's Digital Public Infrastructure
EGR 473
ENT 473
VIS 473
How to be Undisciplined
EGR 495
ENT 495
Special Topics in Entrepreneurship: Critical Design Studio
ENG 317
GSS 407
Poetry and Poetics, 1500 to 1700: Erotic Poetry
ENG 379
ENV 383
Environmental Justice Through Literature and Film
ENV 204
REL 204
AMS 204
Religion and Ethics in Environmental Justice Activism
ENV 212
CEE 212
Freshwater Footprints and Futures
ENV 460
ANT 460
AAS 460
AMS 460
Climate Coloniality, Race and Justice
FRE 227
ECS 324
Multiculturalism in French Cinema
FRE 240
ECS 356
Literature and Medicine: Illness, Writing, and Repair
FRE 260
Writing the Self
FRE 382
Photography: The History, Theory, and Literature of the Captured Image
FRE 392
THR 397
Democratizing Culture
FRE 401
Topics in French Literature and Culture: Fantastic Fictions, 1650-1750
FRS 104
Creating Audio-Visual Generative Art in the Digital Medium
FRS 108
Say What!? Making Sense of Intercultural (mis)Communication
FRS 110
Bodies Like Ours: Literary Figures in Flux
FRS 114
The Glass Class
FRS 118
The Art of Mourning: Funerary Art in the Ancient Mediterranean
FRS 122
The Camera and Classical Art
FRS 126
Learning to 'Spell': Visions of School in Fantasy and Science Fiction
FRS 128
FRS 132
Drawing Up The Walls
FRS 136
History and Cinema: Fascism in Film
FRS 142
1964: Tipping Point
FRS 144
Modernity and Myth: Tradition and Transformation
FRS 152
Translating Mesoamerica
FRS 158
Slow Death by Rubber Duck: The Effects of Chemicals on the Environment and Us
FRS 160
FRS 162
The 1980s
FRS 166
Irish Autofictions: Self Discovery and the Construction of Identity
FRS 180
Mindfulness, Meditation, Memory and Music-- 'Knowing' the Shakuhachi
FRS 184
The Global War on Civilians: Morality, Science, and Race in the Bombing of Cities in World War II
FRS 186
Jerusalem: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
FRS 188
Into the Woods! What Disney Didn't Tell You About Fairy Tales
FRS 190
Reasons to Believe: Religions of Enlightenment
GEO 435
ENV 435
Ocean Biogeochemical Cycles
GER 206
MED 204
German Literature Before Germany
GEZ 102
Elementary Ge'ez II
GSS 398
The Private Life of Empire
GSS 465
Sex, Gender, and the Christian Right in America
HIS 307
LAS 337
The Spanish Empire
HIS 407
History Behind the Headlines: Native America in the News
HIS 413
Transgression: A History of Magic
HIS 450
AAS 450
Abolition and Fall of American Slavery: Antislavery Movements in the United States
HIS 468
AMS 468
The History of the United States during World War II
HIS 474
NES 474
AFS 475
Cultural History of the Modern Nile Valley
HUM 349
STC 350
COM 374
CDH 349
Making Sense of Artificial Intelligence: Fiction, Technology, Storytelling
HUM 360
SLA 362
ART 363
AAS 333
Medicine, Literature, and the Visual Arts
HUM 372
HIS 378
MED 372
World Travelers in the Middle Ages
Introductory Japanese I
JRN 445
Investigative Journalism: Open Source Reporting
JRN 450
Audio Journalism: Building Stories and Soundscapes
LAO 359
LAS 340
SPA 361
AAS 374
Tropical Fantasies: The Hispanic Caribbean and Haiti in the Global Imaginary
LAO 368
GSS 435
LAS 398
AAS 349
Latina Sexualities
LAS 302
HIS 305
The Long 1960s in Latin America: Utopian Dreams and Harsh Realities
LAS 307
ENG 257
COM 381
SPA 313
Charged (En)counters: Poetics and Politics of the Hemispheric Americas
LAS 308
GHP 308
Health, Policy and Politics in Latin America
LAS 324
POL 455
Dynamics and Narratives of the Latin American Drug Trade
LAT 403
History of the Latin Language and Its Earliest Literature
MOL 281
Molecular Biology Research Experience II
MSE 200
STC 200
Magic Materials
MTD 217
MUS 217
The Musical - Past, Present, and Future
MUS 216
Music Production: Principles and Practices
MUS 235
EAS 235
MTD 235
Operatic Cultures in Dialogue: An Introduction to Sinitic and Italian Opera
MUS 330
Composing for Film
MUS 348
THR 378
Xulgaria: Music, Theatre and Contemporary Ritual Practice
NES 317
HIS 312
HUM 314
CDH 317
Text and Technology: from Handwritten to Digital Formats
NES 332
Atatürk to Erdogan: Modern Turkey, 1923-2023
NES 342
Politics of Heritage and Memory in the Middle East
ORF 499
Senior Thesis
PHI 211
CHV 211
REL 211
Philosophy, Religion, and Existential Commitments
PHI 357
AAS 382
Marxism and Race
POL 431
LAS 390
SPI 425
Seminar in Comparative Politics: The Political Economy of Latin America
POL 432
SPI 426
Seminar in Comparative Politics: Democratic Backsliding and the Demise of Democracy
POL 496
Free Expression and Religion: National, International, and Comparative Perspectives
POR 426
SPA 426
LAS 426
Cuba-Brazil-Angola: Remapping Atlantic Cultural Histories
PSY 231
Psychology Research Experience II
PSY 333
CHV 300
Unlocking the Science of Human Nature
PSY 342
The Science of Teamwork
PSY 465
HUM 465
Freud's Empirical Studies: The Individual and Society
QCB 470
GHP 470
Biochemistry of Physiology and Disease
REL 234
JDS 234
NES 206
Sacrifice: From Moses to the Modern Era
REL 255
AAS 255
HIS 255
Mapping American Religion
REL 303
CHV 303
Biomedical Ethics
REL 332
NES 313
Through Muslim Eyes: Lived Islam in Pre-Modern Times
REL 348
JDS 348
Who's Out and Who's In: Ancient Jews Defining Community, Belonging, and Identity
REL 382
EAS 382
Buddhist Stuff: Material Culture and Worldly Desire
SAN 305
Time through Time: Readings in Advanced Sanskrit
SAS 200
Introduction to South Asian Studies
SLA 214
Russian and East European Science Fiction
SLA 332
Russian Through Art
SML 320
Bayesian Analysis
SML 354
PHI 354
Artificial Intelligence: A Hands-on Introduction from Basics to ChatGPT
SOC 228
SPI 220
Schooled: Education, Opportunity, and Inequality
SOC 382
Political Economy of the Digital Society
SOC 383
SPI 378
Introduction to Social Demography: A Comparative Approach (Israel & US
SOC 384
Steering the Future: Exploring the Impact of Driverless Cars
SPA 245
LAS 245
Visions of the Hispanic World
SPA 318
Social Resistance and Cultural Critique in the Postwar Period in Spain
SPA 364
LAO 364
AMS 434
Doing Oral History in Spanish: The 'Voces de la Diáspora' Oral History Project
SPA 418
LAS 412
Deciphering and Decolonizing the Spanish Transpacific
SPI 342
PSY 343
Psychology for Policy: Design, Leadership, and Communication
SPI 379
SOC 390
URB 379
LAS 370
Global Urbanization
SPI 383
Development Opportunity for Latin America
SPI 386
Putin and Global Anti-Americanism: Russia From the Cold War to the New Cold War
SPI 391
Problems of Constitutional Power
SPI 483
Policy Implementation
SPI 484
ECS 483
EPS 484
Legal Europe
SPI 486
The New Jersey Constitution: A Case Study of a Modern State Charter in Design and in Action
SPI 488
In Search of An Alternative U.S. Foreign Policy
SPI 492
Down the Rabbit Hole: Combating Far-Right Radicalization and Disinformation on U.S. Social Platforms
SPI 496
Democracy in Peril: We Will Miss It When It's Gone
SPI 497
War & Peace in the Middle East: The Role of Competing Narratives, Biases, and Misperceptions
STC 299
THR 299
Special Topics in STEM: Making Art from Science
THR 233
Introduction to Physical Performance
THR 351
TPP 351
The Craft of Teaching - Community Focused Pedagogy for Artists and Performers
THR 376
COM 385
ENG 276
HLS 385
Restaging and Rewriting The Greeks
THR 386
ENV 386
Stories for a Changing Planet
UKR 102
Beginner's Ukrainian II
URB 304
ENV 320
AMS 375
HUM 376
The Politics of Land: Dispossession, Value, and Space
URB 305
SAS 351
AAS 364
ARC 325
Race, Caste, and Space: Architectural History as Property History
URB 384
AMS 386
HIS 340
ARC 387
Affordable Housing in the United States
URB 392
ARC 392
HIS 381
AFS 392
Building African Cities, Past and Present
VIS 233
AAS 233
Archives Of Justice: Black, Queer, Immigrant Stories UNSILENCED
VIS 423
ART 426
Black: The Chromapolitics of Darkness, Shadow, and Light/Life
WRI 221
The Writing's on the Wall II (Year-Long Course)
WRI 231
Is Talk Cheap? II (Year-Long Course)