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New Courses

For your convenience, this page lists all of the Undergraduate courses being offered for the first time in this term. Please take some time to look through them.

2019-2020 Spring

Subject & Catalog Numbers Title
AAS 230
Topics in African American Studies: Remembering and Forgetting: Race, Violence, and History in the US
AAS 303
AMS 307
GSS 300
Topics in Global Race and Ethnicity: The Post-Colonial Imagination and Africana Thought
AAS 326
Topics in African American Culture & Life: Black-ish and The Black American Middle Class
AAS 337
GSS 388
Black Feminist Theory
AAS 381
Evict, Foreclose, Gentrify: Race and Housing in the U.S.
AMS 304
GHP 314
Access to Health: Right, Privilege, Responsibility
AMS 322
URB 322
ARC 326
AAS 320
The Architecture of Race
AMS 327
POL 428
The American State
AMS 351
GSS 349
THR 355
Ruled by Conviction: Confronting Narratives of White Masculinity
ANT 265
The Self and the Person: An Introduction
ANT 272
AFS 272
Intoxicating Cultures: Alcohol in Everyday Life
ANT 306
ENT 306
Current Issues in Anthropology: Corporations and Society
ANT 379
HUM 379
AMS 379
AAS 375
Making History: Museums, Monuments, and Cultural Heritage
ANT 405
Topics in Anthropology: Anthropology of Human Rights
ARA 404
Topics in Arabic Language and Culture: Classical Arabic Prose
ARC 302
ART 347
Architecture and the Visual Arts: Architectures of Transit
ARC 378
VIS 378
Collage Making in Architecture
ARC 386
URB 386
The Zoning of Things
ARC 396
SAS 396
URB 396
Comparing the Urban in the Americas and South Asia
ART 202
HLS 202
CLA 200
Greek Art and Archaeology
ART 220
LAS 230
Modern and Contemporary Latin American Art
ART 326
How Was It Made and Who Made It?
ART 363
Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art at the Princeton University Art Museum
ART 367
MED 367
Migration, Myth and the Making of Spain: Art & Architecture in Medieval Iberia
ART 393
SLA 393
AMS 392
RES 393
Getting the Picture: Photojournalism in the U.S. and Russia
ART 430
MED 430
HLS 430
Seminar. Medieval Art: Enchanted Landscapes: Nature, the Sacred and the Erotic
ART 466
SLA 466
ECS 466
The Crossroads of Invention: Art, Society, and Identity in East Central Europe (1500-1914)
ART 477
FRE 477
After the Fall: Art and Politics in France Since 1940
ASA 224
ENG 224
GSS 226
Asian American Literature and Culture
ASA 360
AAS 360
ENG 285
Black and Asian in America
ATL 494
CWR 494
THR 494
VIS 494
Princeton Atelier: Baby Wants Candy: Creating Comedy for Television
ATL 495
DAN 495
VIS 495
Princeton Atelier: The Understor(e)y: Suspension, Movement, Space
CBE 430
MAE 430
MSE 430
Squishy Engineering: Using Soft Materials to Solve Hard Problems
Introductory Chinese I
CHV 381
PHI 388
Experimental Philosophy
CLA 247A
HUM 249A
STC 247A
The Science of Roman History
CLA 247B
HUM 249B
STC 247B
The Science of Roman History
CLA 305
THR 304
Classical Mythology on the Modern U.S. Stage
CLA 357
HUM 359
GSS 355
HLS 359
Sappho: Her Work and Influence from 600 BCE to the Present
CLG 214
Greek Prose Authors: Greek Prose Style and Stylistics
COM 241
AAS 241
AFS 241
The Golden Rhinoceros: Histories of the African Middle Ages
COM 242
Beastly Tales
COM 345
JDS 345
ENG 246
One Text, Many Angles: Merchant of Venice
COM 384
SPA 384
Women in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
COM 434
AAS 434
AFS 435
GSS 434
Gender and Sexuality in African History
COM 445
ENG 268
FRE 445
Realism and Representation: Forms of Fiction
COS 302
SML 305
Mathematics for Numerical Computing and Machine Learning
CWR 347
VIS 340
Screenwriting I: Short Screenwriting for Filmmakers
CWR 352
ITA 352
Advanced Fiction: Imitating Italians
DAN 348
AMS 349
GSS 418
The Reverence and Violence of Modern Dance
DAN 402
Anatomical Approaches to Contemporary Dance
EAS 375
HUM 376
Everyday Life in Mao's China
ECO 322
Econometric Tools for Research in Macroeconomics
EEB 388
Genomics in the Wild
EGR 498
ENT 498
Special Topics in Social Entrepreneurship: Peer Driven Social Change
ELE 115
Introduction to Computing: Programming Autonomous Vehicles
ENE 202
ARC 208
EGR 208
ENV 206
Designing Sustainable Systems: Understanding our environment with the Internet of Things
ENE 422
MAE 422
Introduction to the Electricity Sector-Engineering, Economics, and Regulation
ENG 214
Coming of Age Literature
ENG 301
Word Love: A History of English For Readers
ENG 356
AMS 359
JDS 377
Topics in American Literature: American Jewish Writers: Citizens, Immigrants, and Iconoclasts
ENG 401
Forms of Literature: Literature and Science, from Frankenstein to the 21st C
ENG 409
THR 409
Topics in Drama: Theatre and Philosophy: From Plato to Hegel and Beyond
ENG 416
Topics in Literature and Ethics: Legal and Literary Interpretation
ENG 448
THR 448
HUM 448
COM 440
Early Modern Amsterdam: Tolerant Eminence and the Arts
ENV 305
Topics in Environmental Studies: Hormone-Disrupting Pollutants
ENV 377
CEE 377
SAS 377
URB 377
Sustainable Cities in the US and India: Technology, Policy & Entrepreneurship Pathways
ENV 381
JRN 381
URB 381
Climate Change as Threat (and Opportunity) Multiplier
FRE 208
Speak up! An Introduction to Topics in the Francophone World
FRS 102
Imagining New York: The City in Fiction
FRS 104
Before and After the Wall: US-Mexico Border Fictions
FRS 108
Sentencing and Punishment
FRS 110
Patagonia: From Landscape to Lifestyle Brand
FRS 112
Imprisoned Minds: Religion and Philosophy from Jail
FRS 114
Free Will and the Problem of Evil
FRS 116
The Evolution of Human Language
FRS 124
Atomic-bombing and Firebombing Cities in World War II: Morality, Science, and Race
FRS 126
Marx in the 21st Century
FRS 128
Dante's Inferno
FRS 130
The Cold War and its Legacy
FRS 138
Projecting Power
FRS 140
Pathologies of Difference: Art, Medicine, and Race in the British Empire
FRS 144
The Radical Imagination
FRS 154
Religion and Secularism
FRS 160
How To Not Be a Leader
FRS 162
Bioethics: Public Policy, Ethics and the Law
FRS 164
Is Politics a Performance? A Seminar on Participation
FRS 166
What to Read and Believe in the Digital Age
FRS 170
Physics of Baseball and Softball
FRS 172
Our Subjective Reality
FRS 174
The Science and Art of Mapping the World
FRS 176
The American Dream: Visions and Subversions in American Literature
GER 303
Topics in Prose Fiction: Infamous Lovers: Knowledge and Desire in German Culture
GER 306
ART 372
VIS 306
German Intellectual History: Philosophy of Contemporary Art
GER 307
Topics in German Culture and Society: The Subject of German Language: Nationhood, Exile, Migration
GER 324
COM 373
Topics in Germanic Literatures: Happy Endings and the Politics of Affirmation. From Homer to Hollywood
GSS 206
POL 427
The Long 19th Amendment: Women and Voting Rights in the United States
GSS 207
AAS 207
Intersectional History of Sexual Violence
GSS 208
AAS 208
Media, Sex, and the Racialized Body
HIS 333
LAS 373
AAS 335
Modern Brazilian History
HIS 410
COM 439
NES 440
Culture and Revolution in the Modern Middle East
HIS 414
AMS 414
Life-Writing: Diaries, Memoirs, Autobiographies and History
HIS 429
Fascism and Antifascism in Global History
HIS 450
Remaking the World, 1820-2020: Territories, People, and Global Orders
HIS 484
LAS 484
LAO 484
AMS 484
Borderlands, Border Lives
HIS 491
GSS 491
Fertile Bodies: A Cultural History of Reproduction from Antiquity to the Enlightenment
HIS 497
Eating, Growing, Catching, Knowing: Historical Perspectives on Food, Science, and the Environment
HLS 200
COM 243
HUM 200
NES 200
Writing Istanbul: City of Doubles
HLS 375
CLA 375
COM 399
HUM 375
Myth, History, and Contemporary Experience: Modern Greek Poetry in a Global Context
HUM 248
NES 248
Near Eastern Humanities II: Medieval to Modern Thought and Culture
HUM 320
HIS 346
MED 322
ENG 233
Making Medieval Worlds: Methods and Materials
HUM 470
Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities: When Worlds Collide: Poetry and Computation
ITA 103
Intensive Beginner's and Intermediate Italian
ITA 310
VIS 443
Topics in Modern Italian Cinema: New Italian Cinema: History, Politics, and Society (in English)
JDS 224
REL 217
Art and Judaism in the Ancient World
JRN 280
The Literature of Fact: Writing About Foreign Countries
JRN 441
The McGraw Seminar in Writing: Writing on Climate Change, Science, and Technology
JRN 445
Investigative Journalism: Public Records Reporting in the Age of Disinformation
JRN 447
Politics and the Media: Shaping the Debate on International Issues
LAS 218
URB 218
Social Justice: The Latin American City
LAS 318
POL 373
From Zapata to the Cold War: Latin America's 20th Century Revolutions
LAS 328
JRN 328
LAO 326
ENG 245
Immigration Debates in the United States
LAS 329
ANT 329
ENV 379
POR 329
Amazonia, The Last Frontier: History, Culture, and Power
LAS 339
ANT 396
ART 388
Towards a Material History of Latin America
LAS 414
Poverty, Inequality and Social Mobility in Latin America
LAT 315
The World of Pliny's Letters
LIN 214
TRA 214
Advanced American Sign Language
MAT 478
Topics In Combinatorics: The Probabilistic Method
MOL 290
Quantitative Methods in Cell and Molecular Biology
MOL 485
QCB 485
Mathematical Models in Biology
MPP 214
AAS 214
Projects in Vocal Performance: Vocal Styles in African American Music
MSE 201
ARC 212
Materiality of Design
MSE 309
Translating Materials Research from Lab to Real World Applications
MTD 348
THR 348
American Musical Theatre: History and Practice
MUS 248
PSY 248
Music Cognition
MUS 266
ECS 313
Music and Society in France, c.1750 to the Present
MUS 326
DAN 313
How to Build a Ballet from Archival Sources
MUS 330
Advanced Concepts in Rhythm
MUS 343
COM 381
HUM 344
Music through Fiction
MUS 344
The Expanded Voice
MUS 346
ECS 346
Music and the Early Modern Soundscape: London, Rome, Vienna
MUS 435
Music and Narrative
NES 312
Revolutions in the Middle East and North Africa
ORF 387
PHI 329
Mind and Body, Soul and Life in Early Modern Philosophy
PHY 109
Physics Methods and Applications
POL 335
The Political Economy of the United States
POL 339
The Politics of Crime and Punishment
POL 342
GSS 414
Sexuality, Gender, and Gender Identity in American Law and Politics
POL 396
International Organizations
POL 473
CHV 473
PHI 473
Managing Social Risk
POL 474
CHV 474
Media and Democracy: Normative and Empirical Perspectives
POL 476
Natural Resources, Policy and Development
PSY 350
The Psychological and Neural Basis of Face Perception
REL 216
SAS 216
PHI 216
Philosophical Debates between Buddhists and Jains
REL 263
Religion and its Modern Critics
REL 280
EAS 281
Zen Buddhism
REL 301
CHV 303
Religion and Ethics in the Anthropocene
REL 327
GSS 298
Gender Trouble: Transing and Transpassing in Muslim Societies
REL 373
Studies in Religion: Hearts Strangely Warmed, Brains on Fire
SAN 300
TRA 300
Advanced Sanskrit: Vedic Language, Grammar, and Literature
SLA 369
RES 369
ENG 247
Horror in Film and Literature
SLA 422
Church Slavonic and History of Slavic
SML 480
Pedagogy of Data Science
SOC 215
The Sociology of the Internet
SOC 217
GHP 337
Inequality, Health and Health Care Systems
SOC 333
ENT 333
Sociology of Entrepreneurship
SOC 408
Facing Fascism
SPA 238
Culture, Politics, and 'Artivism' in Contemporary Spain
SPA 241
LAS 241
Borges for Beginners
SPA 372
LAS 374
LAO 372
GSS 421
Drag Kings: An Archeology of Spectacular Masculinities in Latinx America
SPA 376
MED 376
The 'Other' in Cervantes
SPA 379
ECS 379
History and Memory in Contemporary Spain (War, Dictatorship and Democracy)
SPA 383
LAS 384
Workshop on Contemporary Cuban Arts
SPA 385
LAS 386
Havana: A Cultural History
SPA 387
AAS 387
LAO 387
LAS 381
Puerto Ricans Under U.S. Empire: Memory, Diaspora, and Resistance
SPA 415
ART 459
The Prado Museum: Ways of Reading
THR 219
ENG 248
Drama and Performance
THR 353
AMS 353
GSS 417
LAO 353
21st Century Latinx Drama
THR 406
CWR 406
ENG 250
MTD 406
Theatrical Writing Studio
THR 407
MTD 407
50th Anniversary of Undergraduate Co-Education Project
TPP 403
Seminar on Instructional Practice and Pedagogy
TPP 404
Clinical Practice
TUR 306
Advanced Turkish: Contemporary Turkish Media
VIS 209
ANT 281
ARC 215
STC 207
Reality R&D: Designing Speculative Futures
VIS 230
Video Installation
VIS 231
Methods of Color Photography
WWS 356
Civil Liberties in a Digital Age