The Program for Community-Engaged Scholarship (ProCES) connects students' academic work with their interests in and concerns for our local, regional, national, and international communities. ProCES courses integrate service into the curriculum through community-based research, historical and theoretical reflection on service, or course content that helps students explore and formulate responses to pressing societal issues. Students may also participate in community-engaged learning in a more in-depth matter as part of junior or senior independent work.

The courses below and many others have a community-based or service-oriented component.

2022-2023 Fall

Subject & Catalog Number Title
AMS 322 Native American Literature
AMS 406 Advanced Seminar in American Studies
ANT 219 Catastrophes across Cultures: The Anthropology of Disaster
ANT 368 Ethnography of Schools and Schooling
ARC 401 Theories of Housing and Urbanism
ASL 101 Beginner's American Sign Language I
ASL 105 Intermediate American Sign Language
CBE 411 Antibiotics: From Cradle to Grave
CEE 102A Engineering in the Modern World
CEE 344 Water, Engineering, and Civilization
COS 333 Advanced Programming Techniques
DAN 306 Introduction to Radical Access: Disability Justice in the Arts
EGR 200 Creativity, Innovation, and Design
EGR 250 Community Project Studios: Non-credit
EGR 251 Community Project Studios
EGR 350 Community Project Studios: Non-credit
EGR 351 Community Project Studios
EGR 450 Community Project Studios: Non-credit
EGR 451 Community Project Studios
ENG 342 Indigenous Literature and Culture
ENV 347 Field Seminar in Regional Environmental Politics
FRS 113 Global Poverty - Who is Responsible?
FRS 143 Is Politics a Performance?
FRS 187 ACTING Against Oppression: Notes from the other América
FRS 193 Food for Thought: What We Eat and Why
GER 316 Second Language Acquisition and Pedagogy
HIS 201 A History of the World
HIS 388 Unrest and Renewal in Urban America
JPN 305 Integrative Advanced Japanese I
JPN 401 Readings in Modern Japanese I
JPN 407 Contemporary Japanese Language and Culture I
LAS 362 Central Americans and Asylum in the United States
MAE 221 Thermodynamics
MOL 460 Diseases in Children: Causes, Costs, and Choices
POL 339 The Politics of Crime and Punishment
PSY 385 Mind, Body, Culture
SOC 210 Urban Sociology: The City and Social Change in the Americas
SPA 205 Medical Spanish
SPA 233 Languages of the Americas
SPA 250 Identity in the Spanish-Speaking World
SPA 304 Spanish in the Community
SPI 331 Race and Public Policy
STC 349 Writing about Science
TPP 301 Seminar on Student Learning and Methods for Teaching
URB 385 Mapping Gentrification