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STL, STN and QR Courses for General Education

To assist students in their efforts to identify courses that fulfill general education requirements, below is a list of many of the STL, STN and QR courses for Fall 2019-2020 that do not carry significant prerequisites in engineering or the natural sciences. Please be sure to read the full course description in Course Offerings and seek guidance from your advisers. A complete list of STL, STN and QR courses is available by searching with the Distribution Area filter in Course Offerings.

STL Courses – Science and Technology with Lab:

Subject & Catalog Number Course Title
CEE 102B Engineering in the Modern World
EEB 211 Life on Earth: Chaos and Clockwork of Biological Design
EGR 151 Foundations of Engineering: Mechanics, Energy, and Waves
ENV 200B The Environmental Nexus
GEO 102B Climate: Past, Present, and Future
PHY 101 Introductory Physics I
PHY 115B Physics for Future Leaders
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 255 Cognitive Psychology
STC 204B Musical Instruments, Sound, Perception, and Creativity

STN Courses – Science and Technology without Lab:

Subject & Catalog Number Course Title
AST 205 Planets in the Universe
ENV 200F The Environmental Nexus
GEO 102A Climate: Past, Present, and Future
MAE 228 Energy Solutions for the Next Century
NEU 201 Fundamentals of Neuroscience
PHY 115A Physics for Future Leaders
STC 297 Transformative Questions in Biology
STC 349 Writing about Science

QR Courses – Quantitative Reasoning:

Subject & Catalog Number Course Title
COS 109 Computers in Our World
COS 126 Computer Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach
EGR 152 Foundations of Engineering: The Mathematics of Shape and Motion
ENV 367 Modeling the Earth Systems: Assessing Strategies for Mitigating Climate Change
ENV 200D The Environmental Nexus
MAT 100 Calculus Foundations
MAT 103 Calculus I
POL 345 Introduction to Quantitative Social Science
SML 201 Introduction to Data Science
THR 210B Storytelling with Technology for Performance