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Course Offerings

Community-Based Learning Initiative Courses - Fall 2018-2019

The Community-Based Learning Initiative (CBLI) is a curricular effort to connect students' academic work with their interest in and concern for the communities around the University. CBLI's mission is to make learning itself a genuine form of service. Community-based learning enriches course work by encouraging students to apply the knowledge and skills learned in the classroom to the pressing issues that affect our local communities. Working with faculty members and community leaders, students develop research projects, collect and analyze data, and share their results and conclusions, not just with their professors, but also with organizations and agencies that can make use of the information. Students can do such community-based work both in courses and, in a more in-depth manner, as part of junior or senior independent work. The courses below and many others have a community-based component and/or offer an opportunity to do a community-based research paper in partnership with local organizations.

EGR 250 Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS): Non-credit
EGR 251 Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS)
EGR 350 Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS): Non-credit
EGR351 Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS)
EGR450 Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS): Non-credit
ENG405 Topics in Poetry: Poetry and Belief 
HIS 201 A History of the World
MOL 460 Diseases in Children:  Causes, Costs, and Choices
SOC 227 Race and Ethnicity
SPA 205 Medical Spanish
SPA 304 Spanish in the Community
TPP 301 Seminar on Student Learning and Methods for Teaching
URB 202 Documentary Film and the City
WWS 385 Civil Society and Public Policy