Here you will find key information regarding final examination dates and grading practices at Princeton.

Examination and Grading Dates

Find important end-of-term dates, as well as deadlines for the submission of grades for coursework, exams, and independent work.

Grading Practices

Review the University’s official grading practices for undergraduate and graduate students, including authorized grading symbols, A+ or F grades, and more.

Conduct of Courses

Princeton’s procedures for conducting courses, including tests, exams, and grading, are institutionally specific. We encourage you to review these procedures regularly.

A+ and Failure Statements

Final grades of A+ and F, assigned to undergraduates, must be accompanied by an A+ and Failure Statement, respectively, and be submitted by the instructor-in-charge of the course. To submit your A+ and/or Failure Statement,  including those for the A.B. junior independent work and the senior thesis, log onto the secure ODOC page. A+ and Failure Statements for the senior departmental exam should be submitted on paper. Forms are available in your departmental office, which you may send via campus mail to the Office of the Registrar.