Final Exam Policy Under Remote Instruction for Spring ‘21

Rev. 1-17-2020

Responding to specific issues connected with virtual examinations this past fall, the Committee on Examinations and Standing has adopted the following policy for spring 2021:

  1. All exams will default to take-home exams that students may take at any point beginning the day after Dean’s Date until the end of the Exam Period (May 6-14).

Take-home exams may be self-scheduled by students during this period within time constraints set by faculty.  While the standard time period for an exam remains three hours, no take-home exam should take longer than eight hours for a student to complete.

Defaulting all exams to take-home exams across the entire exam period has the following benefits:

  • Students will manage their own schedules, arranging their exams to accommodate their own constraints within our newly compressed final exam period.
  • The faculty, the Registrar, and advising staff will manage fewer rescheduling requests (which will, in turn, help to address equity concerns).
  • The take-home exam format will be clear for academic integrity jurisdiction.
  1. Faculty retain the option of a Registrar-scheduled exam

Faculty who prefer to offer a Registrar-scheduled exam may opt out of the default take-home option.  Centrally-scheduled exams will be scheduled in a three-hour block; any “second sittings” will be formally recorded.

  1. Faculty giving take-home exams should offer clear guidance on time constraints and expectations:
  • Set clear expectations for how long students should spend on a take-home exam.  Most exams will remain three hours long, and no exam should require more than eight hours.
  • Use the learning management system timers on Canvas for any exam that must be completed under timed conditions (an exam in which the student has a specific amount of time to complete the exam once it is downloaded).
  • Clearly articulate in writing academic integrity expectations for the exam format.
  • Ensure that all students with approved academic accommodations have appropriate resources.