Most course-enrollment tasks, including add/drop, are completed using TigerHub. In some cases you may be required to submit a Course Enrollment Worksheet to the Office of the Registrar.

Making Course Changes

Be sure to check in with your academic adviser for input and approval prior to adding, swapping, or dropping courses. You may put your graduation at risk by dropping courses, especially if they are departmental courses or you are making changes to the spring semester of your senior year.

Beginning-of-Semester Open Add/Drop Period

During the first two weeks of classes, you may add or drop courses freely using TigerHub.

Extended Drop Period

After the second week of classes and through the ninth, you may drop courses using TigerHub. Courses may not be added at this time, and dropping a course during this period incurs a $45 change fee.


  • Complete the Course Enrollment Worksheet (undergraduates) or Graduate Enrollment Change Request Form (graduate students), indicating your proposed changes.
  • Review your plans with your adviser, and have them sign and date the worksheet.
  • Submit the form to The Office of the Registrar, Helm Building, 330 Alexander Street, 4th floor.


Changes DURING THE EXTENDED drop period (including departmental courses)
  • Undergraduates: Residential dean, assistant dean for studies
  • Juniors or seniors dropping a departmental course: Director of undergraduate studies
  • Graduate Students: Director of graduate studies
A.B. Seniors dropping spring courses
  • Residential college dean (for all course drops, including departmental courses)
  • Director of undergraduate studies (additional signature for departmental courses only)

Adding Courses Requiring Permission

Course Offerings indicates if a course has special enrollment requirements, including applications, interviews, or permissions. Follow the instructions found there to enroll.

Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Courses

You may request to enroll in graduate courses when they are well suited to your studies. Normally, you must be a junior or senior to qualify, though exceptions are sometimes granted.



A.B. Students

  • Instructor in charge of the course
  • Your director of undergraduate studies (juniors, seniors) or the director of undergraduate studies for the department offering the course (first-years, sophomores)
  • Dean of your residential college

B.S.E. Students

  • Instructor in charge of the course
  • Your director of undergraduate studies or academic adviser
  • Associate dean of the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS)


  • The course will normally not substitute for an existing undergraduate course on the same topic.
  • Students must take the course in the grading basis in which the course is offered. For instance, when a graduate course is designated pass/D/fail only, undergraduates may not take the course for a letter grade. Students should consult their director of undergraduate studies prior to taking the class, if they wish to count the pass/D/fail only graduate course as a departmental.
  • For courses that offer the pass/D/fail grading option, the residential college dean (AB students) or associate dean of SEAS (BSE students) must give explicit permission below for a student to elect pass/D/fail basis. Students may not elect the pass/D/fail grading option for departmental courses.
  • Undergraduates may not enroll for credit in graduate courses graded */AUD, but should instead consult the instructor about enrolling in the course as a reading course.
  • Undergraduates must submit written, graded work for any graduate course taken for credit; written work must be completed by Dean’s Date unless prior permission for an extension is granted by the residential college dean.
  • Graduate courses do not satisfy undergraduate distribution requirements.

Graduate Course Changes

Use the Graduate Student Enrollment Change Form to make special enrollment requests:

  • Enroll in a course that conflicts with another on your schedule
  • Add or drop courses after the deadline
  • Request grade option changes


  • Complete the Graduate Student Enrollment Change Form, indicating your request.
  • Secure approval from your director of graduate studies.
  • Submit the form, in person, to the Office of the Registrar.