During the P/D/F selection period each term, you may elect to take one course on Pass / D / Fail basis. (Courses designated “P/D/F Only” are excluded.) This is completed using TigerHub, and you may change your selections as often as you wish prior to the final deadline. Please make your election thoughtfully and in concert with your academic adviser.

Undergraduate courses

  • Select “Elect P/D/F Grading Option” in the Academic Tasks tile to view current courses.  
  • After making your P/D/F selection, select Submit / Confirm.

Graduate courses

It is expected that you take the course with the grading basis in which it is offered.

Undergraduate Student Course Audits

Students who wish to audit a course in any term should consider the requirements for receiving audit credit prior to enrolling in a course.  The Undergraduate Announcement provides further information.

Graduate Student Grade Option Selection

With permission, you may be approved to enroll in a course with a grading option otherwise not allowed by an instructor. This most often occurs when you take a course outside of your department and need it to satisfy your program’s requirements. In such cases, the grading option will not be available in TigerHub.  


  • Complete the Graduate Student Enrollment Change Form, indicating your request.
  • Secure approval from your director of graduate studies and the instructor.
  • Submit the form, in person, to the Office of the Registrar.